20 Fun Star Wars Party Games

The ultimate collection of Star Wars party games

You can’t plan an amazing Star Wars party without a few Star Wars party games! This is the ultimate collection of Star Wars games including ones inspired by all the classic Star Wars movies and ones inspired by the newest additions! There’s something for everyone no matter if you love Yoda, BB-8, or Princess Leia!

Star Wars games for adults, kids, and more

Star Wars Party Games

My son’s already decided he’s going to be Kylo Ren for Halloween this year, and we did Jedi Training at his Disney birthday party in April.

I’m pretty sure a full blown Star Wars party is next, so I’m getting ahead of the game (ha) and put together a collection of the best Star Wars party games I could find!

Some of these are so creative and some of them are just cute, but they’re the best of the best and perfect for any kids Star Wars party. Or adults Star Wars themed party, no judgement here.

Active Star Wars Party Games

These are the games that will have kids burning off energy, running around, and being a little crazy. You probably don’t want to do all active games but pick a few and go for it!

The Force – Using just balloons and a little static, kids can practice using the force.

Practice The Force in these fun Star Wars Party Games

Star Wars Piñatas – Use a light saber to bust open a candy filled Star Wars piñata. You can either DIY your own death star ( using these instructions ) or BB-8 pinata ( instructions here ) or go the quick route and just buy one of these instead!

If you’re going to buy one, this might be the cutest Star Wars piñata in the entire galaxy. Even better if you fill the piñata with Star Wars candies !

Cutest Star Wars pinata ever

Pin the Bun on Leia – Forget pin the nose on the donkey and try to pin the bun on Princess Leia instead.

minute it to win it
Fun pin the bun on Lei Star Wars party game ideas

Storm Trooper Target Practice – Let kids practice shooting Storm Troopers with Nerf guns.

Try to knock down storm troopers in these fun Star Wars birthday party games

Death Star Shoot Out – Decorate ping pong balls like Death Stars and have kids try their best to shoot them down!

These fun Star Wars party games include things like shooting death stars

Atomic Ball Carry – Kids have to work together to carry an Atomic Ball across the room without dropping it.

This atomic ball carry is one of the cutest Star Wars party games for kids

Jedi Training – A three part game where kids can have to first find crystals, use those crystals to get matched to light sabers, and defeat the dark side.

Try these fun DIY Jedi Training Academy party games for your next Star Wars birthday or kids party! Great ideas that work for boys, girls, and even a grown up party! Definitely trying these activities with my kids at our next Star Wars party!

Escape the Death Star – Kids must go through a series of obstacles to escape the death star before it explodes!

white elephant left right story
Escape the death star Star Wars party games Knock down storm troopers in these easy Star Wars party games

Storm Trooper Bowling – Tape Storm Trooper faces to bowling pins and have kids try to knock them down.

Astroid Hunt – Take a traditional Easter Egg hunt to another galaxy with a Star Wars inspired astroid hunt.

A Star Wars party game inspired by an Easter egg hunt

Feed the Sarlacc – Kids get the chance to feed a Sarlacc in this silly game where you make your own cardboard Sarlacc!

Star Wars Scavenger Hunt – Send kids chasing around the house looking for Star Wars inspired clues all around the house!

Pile of Star Wars scavenger hunt clues

Star Wars Obstacle Course – Set up an obstacle course for a little Jedi training in your backyard or another large space!

Star Wars party games like obstacle courses keep kids busy

Don’t Drop Yoda – Give your kids silly tasks to do while trying their best to not drop Yoda.

One of the best Star Wars party games out there

Sit Down or Quiet Star Wars Party Games

Balance out the crazy active games with a few quieter ones where kids can sit, create, or play some sort of printable game. You can thank me later!

Star Wars Would You Rather Questions – If you need a little break from all the Jedi training, have the kids answer some of these fun would you rather questions?

12 21 angel number
Star Wars would you rather questions cards

Star Wars Bingo – Who doesn’t love bingo? Even better when it’s a Star Wars themed bingo! Get the printables here .

Or skip the regular version and try out this Star Wars Lego inspired bingo instead! And don’t forget to pick up a few of these cute Star Wars characters as prizes !

Printable Star Wars bingo cards

Rescue Hans Solo – This clever science experiment could easily become a party game! Kids have to use science to rescue little Star Wars mini figures from an ice cube tray.

Hilarious Star Wars party games for kids disguied as a science experiment

Star Wars Mad Libs – See what kind of silly Star Wars stories you can come up with in this fun Mad Libs game. Get it here .

Star Wars Mad Libs are fun for kids or adults

Build R2D2 – This is another good one when you need a little break. Put out all of the pieces necessary to create paper R2D2s ( the Cricut Maker would be amazing for all that cutting!!!).

Building R2D2 is one of the best Star Wars party games for adults or kids

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The ultimate collection of Star Wars party games