24 of The Best Star Wars Gifts

Know someone who loves Star Wars? Buy them one of these Star Wars gift ideas, and I guarantee they’ll love the gift! These are seriously some of the best Star Wars gifts ever whether you’re looking for Star Wars gifts for him, for her, or just for kids!

Star Wars gift ideas for him, her, and more

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Star Wars Gift Ideas

With Christmas just over a month away and Star Wars coming out just 10 days before Christmas, I thought it’d be fun to put together a Star Wars inspired holiday shopping list! Pretty sure my son has already asked for about half of these things for Christmas this year. After being Poe Damron for Halloween, he’s a little Star Wars obsessed! And don’t get me started on my husband – way too many of these made it on his list for 30th birthday gift ideas !

Star Wars gift ideas for kids

Star Wars gift ideas for kids

Star Wars Gifts for Kids

These gift ideas are for kids of all different ages and honestly kids will love them whether they’ve seen all of the Star Wars movies or not!

littleBits Star Wars Droid Inventor Kit

We had the chance to meet with the littleBits team during the Thor: Ragnarok event in October, and their new Star Wars Droid Inventor Kit is seriously amazing. You can not only build and customize your own R2D2, you can actually send him on up to 8 different missions, including one where you control him with the The Force! This kit was created through a partnership with Disney and Lucas Films, so it even includes all of the actual R2D2 sounds. Kids AND adults will love it!

Buy it here .

Fun Star Wars gifts for kids

Star Wars Operation Game

Kids will love this Star Wars themed version of the classic game, Operation. Try your best to get defective droid parts out of BB8 without getting buzzed! Or if Operation isn’t your thing, try one of these other Star Wars games for kids instead! There’s everything from R2D2 Bop It to Star Wars Clue !

Buy it here.

This game makes the best gifts for Star Wars fansStar Wars Galactic Heroes Action Figures

This set of 10 Star Wars heroes comes with 10 different heroes spanning all of the movies from Luke Skywalker to Rey! My son has most of these and loves them!

Buy them here.

diy halloween games for kids

These Star Wars gifts are perfect for young kids

Star Wars LEGO Advent Calendar

Okay, so this one might best for a Thanksgiving gift, but it’s still a fun one! Instead of just handing over a set of LEGOs to build, this advent calendar opens up one piece of the set each day in December, leading up to Christmas. We did one that was similar with my son last year, and he loved the suspense of seeing which pieces came next!

Buy it here.

Kids will love these Star Wars gift ideas

Star Wars Chewbacca Pillow Buddy

Who doesn’t love Chewbacca? Now kids can sleep with him in this 18' pillow version of Chewbacca who is soft and cuddly! They also offer BB8, Darth Vader, Kylo Ren, a Storm Trooper, and Yoda but I thought Chewbacca was the cutest!

Buy it here.

One of the softest Star Wars gifts for kids

Star Wars Plush Porg

If you’ve watched any of the Last Jedi trailers or teasers, you may have noticed the newest animals to the Star Wars family – porgs. They’re the cutest thing ever and kids will love this plush version!

Get it here.

One of the cutest Star Wars gifts for kids

Star Wars Porg Shirt

I bought this shirt for my son (because he loves Porgs) and it’s one of his new favorites! It’s soft, lightweight, and perfect for a day at Disney World or just heading back to school!

Get it here.

Kid holding Porg while getting ready for kindergarten

Star Wars Gifts for Her

Star Wars Measuring Cups

Make baking cookies even more fun with this Star Wars measuring cut set, even better if you’re making Star Wars cookies with these Star Wars cookie cutters !

Buy them here.

Measuring cups make great Star Wars gifts

Star Wars I Love You Ring

Remember the iconic scene where Princess Leia and Han Solo declare their love for each other – yep, this ring says it all!

Buy it here.

Sweetest Star Wars gifts for her ever

Star Wars Chocolates

Chocolate is a girls best friend right? Then these Star Wars chocolates are a Star Wars loving girl’s best friend for sure!

Get them here.

Chocolates make great Star War gift ideas for her

I Am the Last Jedi Shirt

You could either make her this Star Wars shirt or just buy this one. I love the simple print, perfect for The Last Jedi in Dec!

Buy it here.

This shirt makes a great Star Wars gift for her

A Women’s Place Mug

One of the best Princess Leia quotes on a mug! Definitely a keeper.

Buy it here.

Sweet Star Wars mug gift ideas

Star Wars Gifts for Him

Star Wars Socks

There are about a million designs of Star Wars socks for men out there, but these are classics and some of my favorites. I actually bought these ones for my Disney Cruise Fish Extender gifts last year and may have to do the same this year!

Buy them here.

Socks make great Star Wars gifts for men

Star Wars Rebel Wallet

A simple, fashionable, wallet that can show off your Star Wars love without being too over the top!

Buy it here.

A wallet makes a great Star Wars gift idea for him

Star Wars Periodic Element Shirt

This is a true nerd gift, perfect for any science + Star Wars fans and funny to boot. It actually comes in men, women, and youth sizes, but I thought it was best for him!

Buy it here.

One of the best Star Wars gift ideas for him

Star Wars Death Star Wall Charger

Have techie friend? This Death Star wall charger makes the perfect gift or stocking stuffer for any tech person, or really anyone with a phone!

Buy it here.

Great Star Wars gift ideas for techies

Darth Vader + Star Wars Vinyl Wall Clock

This might be the coolest Star Wars clock ever, especially since it’s made out of an old vinyl. Perfect for the wall in an office of any Star Wars fan!

Buy it here.

This vinyl wall clock is the one of the coolest Star Wars gifts

Star Wars Chewbacca Slippers

They’re fuzzy, comfy, and perfect for any man who loves Star Wars and isn’t afraid to put a furry character on his feet!

Get them here.

These are the softest Star Wars gifts ever

Darth Vader Tie

Make getting ready for work a bit more fun with this Darth Vader tie.

Buy it here.

A Star Wars tie makes a great gift idea

Rebel Alliance Cuff Links

Really any of these Star Wars cuff links would work, these ones are just my favorite.

Get them here.

Cuff links are one of the best Star Wars gifts for guys

Star Wars Gifts for Any Star Wars Fan

Star Wars Classic Throw Blanket

It’s soft, covered in classic Star Wars characters, and just downright epic. I might’ve just ordered myself one!

Buy it here.

One of the best Star Wars gift ideas ever - a blanket

Star Wars Light Saber Spatula

Add some galactic fun to making Sunday morning pancakes with this awesome light saber spatula!

Get it here.

Star Wars gifts for anyone

Star Wars Toaster

Not only does this toaster look like Darth Vader, it adds the Star Wars logo to your toast. Talk about an epic breakfast!

Buy it here.

Perfect Star Wars gift ideas for a cook

Wookie Cookies: Star Wars Cookbook

With recipes like Dark Side Salsa and Yoda Soda, there’s something for every one in this Star Wars cookbook, no matter if you’re on Team Rey or Team Kylo Ren.

Buy it here.

Make Star Wars themed food with these Star Wars gift ideas

Star Wars Nesting Dolls

These are just awesome. Start with a Darth Vader and find all sorts of little Star Wars characters inside!

Buy them here.

Cutest Star Wars Nesting Dolls Ever


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