25 Awesome Personalized Gifts for Kids to Make With Your Cricut

The best list of personalized gifts for kids! Everything from adventure boxes to water bottles and more! Fun ideas for boys and girls and perfect to DIY for Christmas gifts!

Personalized gifts for kids are so much better than toys because they show kids you care about them! Make one of these simple DIY personalized gifts for guaranteed smiles and happy kids this holiday season!

The best list of personalized gifts for kids! Everything from adventure boxes to water bottles and more! Fun ideas for boys and girls and perfect to DIY for Christmas gifts!

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Why should you give personalized gifts?

Every year when my birthday or Christmas rolls around, I get added for my dreaded wish list. Dreaded because I hate putting together a list of things that people can buy from with absolutely no thought involved.

Because honestly at the end of the day, I can buy all of those things (and often do) myself. I personally prefer gifts that are personalized, intentional, and have real thought behind them.

I’d prefer a thought out date (or something like this date night deck ) to a gift card for me to go out. And I’d love to get a necklace personalized with my boys’ initials over a gift card to pick out my own.

30th bday ideas for him

For me, the best gifts are the ones with thought behind them because at the end of the day, I want to know that you were thinking about me when you picked out the gift, not just thinking you needed to cross me off your checklist. There’s a reason I’m giving my kiddo this monthly activity box .

I try to keep that in mind when I’m picking out gifts for my own family and friends. Let’s be honest, sometimes I end up getting a gift card or gift off a list because, well we all do at some point. But when I can, I try my best to make personalized gifts as much as possible.

Personalized Gifts for Kids

To help you out with making this holiday season a more meaningful one for everyone involved, I’ve put together a list of 25 of my favorite personalized gifts for kids – all ones you can make with a Cricut Explore Air 2 .

And many of these personalized gifts could easily be made for teens, adults, or even grandparents! I personally just went the kids route because that’s who I’m shopping for the most these days!

Sea life themed Themed cards to go with personalized gifts for kids Monthly Adventure Box This monthly adventure box is the gift I’m personally giving my son for next year. It’s a box filled with 12 envelopes – one for each month of the year. Inside each envelope is everything we need for an adventure that month – gift cards, activities, and a theme! It’s personalized for my kiddo and could easily be personalized for kids, grandkids, or even a significant other! Check it out! Water bottles make great personalized gifts for kids Personalized Water Bottles While a water bottle may not seem like an exciting gift, a personalized water bottle is! Or at least it is to my 6-year-old son who loves anything that’s just for him. These personalized water bottles are super easy to make and would be a great filler for a stocking or to go with another small gift! Or you could even put some money or a gift card inside – they’re the perfect size for it! Check it out! DIY Luggage Tags For kids who like to travel, give them their own suitcase and a personalized luggage tag! Put fun quotes, their name, or their initials on the tags using vinyl – great or the little adventurer in your life! Check it out! Personalized Pajamas for Kids Our family always opens new Christmas pajamas on Christmas Eve. These personalized Star Wars pajamas would make the perfect gift for a Star Wars fan! You could totally do the same thing with other Cricut heat transfer vinyl – they have all sorts of designs from Marvel to Star Wars and even Disney princesses! Check it out! Monogram gloves and mittens make great personalized gifts for kids Monogrammed Gloves and Scarf Live somewhere it’s cold outside? Add a monogram to a cheap set of gloves and a scarf to turn it from a cheap gift to a neat gift! Little girls will love having their own personalized items to keep them warm and bonus, hopefully they’ll be less likely to lose it than a standard pair of gloves! Check it out! A science lab kit makes one of the best personalized gifts for kids Personalized Science Lab Kit Put your kid’s name on the outside and fill this cute gift full of science lab experiment items like chemicals (depending on the age), safety glasses, and more! It’s such a cute idea and a gift that any budding little scientist will love! Check it out! Pencil pouches make great personalized gifts for kids Personalized Pouches for Kids Whether they’re an Avengers or Hello Kitty fan, personalized pouches (especially when they’re filled with fun little items) make great gifts for kids! Not only are these darling, they’re made special with the kids’ names on the front! Check it out! Soothie monkey with personalized baby name Personalized Stuffed Animals What kid doesn’t love stuffed animals? My 6-year-old has an entire bed full of them! Make a standard stuffed animal even better by putting either their name on it or the name of the stuffed animal on it. Makes the stuffed animal that much sweeter! Check it out! A journal makes one of the best personalized gifts for kids Personalized Journal for Kids Whether you put a quote from your kid’s favorite movie, a line from their favorite song, their name – or maybe all of the above on the front of this journal, it’s a great way to show that you believe in them and want them to write down all their dreams! I used to write in a journal all the time when I was a kid, and I would have loved to get one as nice as this that was made just for me instead of using the plain spiral notebooks from the store. Check it out! Personalized mermaid makeup holder Personalized Mermaid Makeup Holder While this is holding makeup brushes, you could totally switch this Little Mermaid inspired gift up and have it hold hair brushes, barrettes, a toothbrush – you name it. Personalize it simply by adding “Sarah’s makeup holder” on one of the square surfaces or leave it as is – it’s personalized enough by picking out something that your daughter will love! Check it out! DIY personalized gifts for kids Kid Art Gift Ideas If your kids love to draw then this gift would be the perfect fit! Use this tutorial to turn their art into an SVG file to cut out on the Cricut and press onto a pencil pouch, t-shirt, tote bag, or really anything else! They’ll love to see their own creations come to life! Check it out! A monogrammed letter makes one of the best personalized gifts for kids Floral Monogram Letters This floral letter idea is a fun one because you can personalize it with your daughter’s initial, use their favorite colors, and even use patterned iron-on background that matches the space the letter will be put. It’s a gift that will make any room just a bit prettier. Check it out! A coloring bag makes one of the best gifts for kids Monogrammed Color Your Own Bag This monogram tote bag is not only personalized with your kid’s monogram on it, but they also get to color it in themselves – there’s nothing more personal than that! Making the bag is simple with monogram images from Cricut Design Space, just pair it with some fabric markers for the best gift idea! Check it out! Personalized gifts can be as simple as sports tags Personalized Sports Tags Have a sports lover in your family? Make one of these personalized sports tags that they can add to their softball or baseball bag before they head out to games! They’re simple to make and the perfect size for a stocking! Check it out! Kitchen inspired personalized gifts for kids Kid Chef Gift Idea Have a little budding chef in your life? This personalized kid’s cooking set complete with an apron and recipe cards would make a great gift! Check it out! a lunch box makes one of the most fun personalized gifts for kids Personalized Lunch Box Turn an ordinary lunch box into a fun gift by adding a name and design! Make it even better by filling the lunch box with your kid’s favorite treats and maybe even a gift card or two to one of their favorite places to get lunch! Check it out! Tote bags make great personalized gifts for kids Name Definition Tote Bags How cute are these name tote bags? Not only are they personalized with your kid’s names, they’re personalized with the name meaning. You could either use the actual definition or make up your own with some of your kid’s favorite traits! Check it out! Magnets make great personalized gifts for kids Personalized Fridge Magnets Use your Cricut Explore Air to cut out letters of your kid’s names then turn them into fabric magnets with this fun tutorial! They’d make a great gift for younger kids who are learning to spell their own names or do the entire alphabet! Check it out! Picnic tables make great personalized gifts for kids Personalized Picnic Table Pick a piece of furniture like a plastic picnic table or maybe even a chair and use a little spray paint vinyl in your kid’s favorite colors and designs to personalize something just for them. Even better if you add their name hidden somewhere to find. Check it out! Pop sockets made great personalized gifts for kids Personalized Pop Sockets Have a teen or tween who has their own phone? Make them their own personalized pop socket to put on the back! Do a monogram or switch it up with patterned vinyl representing one of their favorite characters or movies! Check it out! Ring dishes make great personalized gifts or kids Personalized Ring Dish Instead of just making a simple ring dish with a message inside, switch out the message for a personalized one like hello Sarah. Or skip the personal message and just make the gift for someone who loves jewelry and maybe use your Cricut Maker to make them a personalized piece of jewelry to go with it! Check it out! Keychains make great personalized gifts for kids Personalized Painted Keychains You can cut out these keychains and paint them in your kid’s favorite colors or give them raw and let your kids have the fun of painting them whatever colors they choose! Either way, they’re great for adding a personalized touch to backpacks, pencil pouches, purses, and more! Check it out! personalized flip flops for kids Personalized Flip Flops Live somewhere warm or headed somewhere warm for the holidays? These personalized flip flops will make any child smile! Check it out! Games make great personalized gifts for kids Personalized Guess Who Game A DIY guess who game makes one of the coolest personalized gifts for kids because not only can you customize it with their friends and family, it’s something just for them that no one else has. And I’m always a big fan of games, so this idea is a winner in my book! Check it out! Jewelry makes a great personalized gifts for kids DIY Name Jewelry There’s just something special about wearing your name or the name of someone significant around your neck on a necklace. Kids will love getting a necklace that’s personalized just for them! Check it out!

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The best list of personalized gifts for kids! Everything from adventure boxes to water bottles and more! Fun ideas for boys and girls and perfect to DIY for Christmas gifts!