30 Creative 30th Birthday Gift Ideas for Him

30th birthday balloon and gift box 30th birthday balloon and gift box 30 of the best 30th birthday gift ideas for him (ideas for her as well!). Some of the most creative and unique gift ideas with gifts in all price ranges!

These 30 fun and creative 30th birthday gift ideas for him will surprise and thrill the lucky recipient! With gift ideas in all price ranges, there’s something on this list of 30th gift ideas for everyone!

30 of the best 30th birthday gift ideas for him (ideas for her as well!). Some of the most creative and unique gift ideas with gifts in all price ranges! This post contains affiliate links. If you purchase via these links, I may receive a small commission at no additional cost to you.

Creative 30th Birthday Gifts for Men

When my husband turned 30, I gave him 30 presents – one present for each day leading up until his 30th birthday with the biggest one on his actual birthday. He loved it, I loved picking out his gifts, and he thought it was one of the most creative birthday gifts ever! Whether or not you want to do 30 gifts is up to you, but I’ve included 30 (okay 60) creative birthday gifts for men below to get you started if you want to try it! I set up this birthday scavenger hunt and had his gifts at the end. And if not, feel free to just pick and choose one or two or five of the items on the list below. Coming up with 30th birthday gift ideas for him wasn’t an easy task, so I’m sharing my list to give you some ideas to get started! The first set of 30 are what I actually gave him and the second set of 30 are things that are a little bit more universal, not as specific to my gift list.

30th Birthday Ideas for Him

Here’s a list of what I included in my 30 days of 30.

I know some of these are kind of boring like his favorite snack but really who doesn’t love to be surprised with their favorite snack ? I’d love you forever if you surprised me with chocolate covered cinnamon bears.

Anyway, back to the list.

Unique 30th Birthday Ideas for Men

1 – Something from the year he was born (1984) – Tetris Jenga Game

2 – Jar filled with 30 of his favorite treats

3 – A playlist (kind of like a mix tape) of 30 songs that remind me of him or an iTunes gift card with a list of songs to buy

4 – An iPhone armband for working out

5 – These date night cards (one for every week of the year – my husband loved them)

6 – His favorite snack ( these are my husband’s )

7- A punchcard with 30 boxes to punch, each one for an hour of time whenever they want it

8 – A photo book with pages for each of their 30 years

9 – A list of 30 things you love about them

10 – Some sort of clothing/accessories like socks, tie, etc. These birthday socks would be awesome!

11 – A new wallet with cash inside

12 – 1 dollar bills folded up and stuffed inside an empty box of chocolates

13. – Grill set (unless he hates to grill)

14 – Movie night gift set with one of their favorite movies, treats, and a blanket

15 – Wrapped roll of 30 quarters to spend playing air hockey (our favorite) at an arcade

16 – Treat bouquet with 30 of his favorite treats – jerky, candy, gum, etc.

17 – Some sort of tech gadget like an external iPhone battery , cord organizer, etc.

18 – Some sort of small tool like this cool pocket knife

19 – 30 birthday balloons blown up with secret messages inside that he’ll find when he pops them

20 – A mini 30 shaped piñata filled with his favorite treats, socks, gift cards, etc.

21 – A TV show or movie with 30 in the title such as 13 going on 30 , 30 Rock , etc.

22 – His favorite food with 30 integrated somehow (e.g., pizza with 30 pepperoni, 30 rolls of sushi, steak with mushrooms on top shaped into a 30).

23 – His choice of dinner that you’ll make from this 30 minute meals book

24 – 30 notes from his friends/family posted throughout the house

25 – 30 mini cheesecakes or desserts to eat throughout the week

26 – 30 pictures of your family made into a collage for his office

27 – gift card to his favorite restaurant or store

28 – 30 minutes a day for 30 days doing something you wouldn’t normally do daily (e.g., cleaning, doing dishes, etc.)

29 – 30 Hershey’s Hugs and Kisses that can be turned in for real hugs and kisses

30 – Subway art or a colorful word cloud with 30 words or phrases that describe him

Creative 30th Birthday Gifts for Men

And since I couldn’t stop at 30, here are another 30 birthday ideas for him I came up with since my husband’s 30th birthday a few years ago!

party board game for adults

It’s amazing how many more gift ideas you can come up with when you’re not put on the spot! If only my husband was turning 30 again!

31 – A trivia challenge card game from the year he was born

32 – A month calendar out with nice things you’ll do for him on each day (make sure it’s a 30-day month, not a 31 day month!)

33 – A vintage t-shirt with the year he was born on it or a shirt with a movie that was released that year

34 – A 30 photo collage signed by his best friends and family

35 – SPF 30 sunscreen and sunglasses

36 – A set of birthday coupons with 30 pages of things to do together

funny minute to win it games

37 – XXX DVD (the one with Vin Diesel) or movie night

38 – 30 lotto tickets or these fake ones (and then just give me a gift card)

39 – A 30 ounce Yeti tumbler

40 – 30 rocks sign with rock candy

41 – A 30″ foam board with reasons why you love him

42 – 30 different candy bars with sayings about why he’s awesome – tons of candy ideas here

43 – Lookin’ good at 30 mug with 30 packets of hot chocolate, tea, or coffee

44 – You’re only old once Dr. Seuss book

45 – A 30 piece puzzle with a secret message written on the back

46 – A birthday scavenger hunt leading him to his favorite places

47 – A customized root beer mug and 30 cans of root beer (and ice cream for groot beer floats )

48 – A surprise party with 30 of his best friends

49 – 30 Things to Do When You Turn 30 Book

50 – Pro Plus 30 Varidesk (my husband really wants one of these standing desks!)

51 – Bose 30 Wireless Noise-cancelling headphones

52 – 30 video games – or just this one Wii Family Party that has 30 different ones

53 – An AMC Stubs A-List pass (or Netflix subscription) to watch at least 30 movies this year

54 – Custom SnapChat filter just for their birthday

55 – 30 minute hourglass or other office game

56 – 30 pound dumbbells or kettlebells

57 – 30 minute back massage

58 – 30 ounce water bottle

59 – A 30th anniversary album or collectible

60 – A 30-page coupon book

You could do this same exact thing if you’re looking for 50th birthday ideas , simply use 50 instead!

More Creative Gift Ideas

These aren’t necessarily 30th birthday themed, but they might help spark your creativity!

Free Birthday Printables

In order to tie all of the presents together into one cohesive “present,” I used this set of free birthday printables from J Goode Designs.

I love all of the various colors used in the birthday printables and especially love that there are colors that work for guys and girls. I chose to use mostly blues, greens, and reds for my husband’s gifts.

Cute birthday gift wrap ideas from playpartyplan.com Cute birthday gift wrap ideas from playpartyplan.com Cute birthday gift wrap ideas from playpartyplan.com Give a bag of balloons with things you love about the person for their birthday