40 Best Thanksgiving Games for Families

The best Thanksgiving games for family! Tons of fun ideas for kids, for adults, and even for preschool! Play outdoor, at the table over Thanksgiving dinner, or use as activities to do for work all month long. Everything from printable games to minute to win it games and of course funny games that will keep you laughing all day long!

Instead of the after Thanksgiving celebration being hours of football watching and napping, why not try out one of these fun Thanksgiving family games instead? These 30 great Thanksgiving games and activities are perfect for enjoying the rest of the day together.

The best Thanksgiving games for family! Tons of fun ideas for kids, for adults, and even for preschool! Play outdoor, at the table over Thanksgiving dinner, or use as activities to do for work all month long. Everything from printable games to minute to win it games and of course funny games that will keep you laughing all day long!

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Thanksgiving Day Games

If your family is anything like mine, your Thanksgiving looks like this.

Women cook dinner (hello best stuffing ever) while the men go play in the turkey bowl in the morning. Men return and help finish cooking and carve the turkey.

Everyone sits down and eats a delicious meal together. After dinner men go and watch football while women entertain the kids and chat. And lots of turkey induced naps following by some yummy pumpkin dessert like this pumpkin crunch cake .

Sound about right? Not if you play these Thanksgiving games!

I’ve been in charge of coming up with Thanksgiving games for my family’s Thanksgiving for the past who knows how many years. It’s fun but a little challenging to come up with enough games that we aren’t doing the same thing each year.

We always do one of these gift exchange games but other than that, I always try to pick something new!

And this list with over 40 awesome games is perfect for that. Enjoy!

Fun Thanksgiving Games for All Ages

I’ve put together a list of the best Thanksgiving games including Thanksgiving games for kids, Thanksgiving games for adults, and everyone in between!

Pick and choose your favorites that work best for the group you’ll be spending Thanksgiving with!

Fun Thanksgiving Games for the Entire Family

These games work best if you have a large group of people. Most are ones you get up and move but some are ones that you sit down and play, kind of like my favorite birthday party games !

If you’re having a large group over for the holiday, these Thanksgiving games are your ticket!

Thanksgiving Family Feud

Play Family Feud at home with these fun Thanksgiving themed questions and answers along with instructions for how best to play at home! Get all the details for Holiday Family Feud (with free printable questions and answers) from Play Party Plan.

A DIY Family Feud game sign with Family Feud questions and answers shown

Thanksgiving Minute to Win It Games

These Thanksgiving minute to win it games from Play Party Plan will have your family up, moving, and laughing! There are over 15 games that can all be played in just a minute!

Not sure what minute to win it games are? Start with minute to win it games guide.

Pie eating Thanksgiving games are such fun

Thanksgiving Dice Game

Skip just going around the table and saying something you’re thankful for and try this Thanksgiving dice game instead! Roll the dice and see who or what you need to be grateful for this year!

Two versions of a Thanksgiving dinner game printed out

Skittles Gratitude Game

Print out this free printable gratitude Skittles game , open a pack of Skittles, and play with the entire family. In this fun game, the Skittles determine what you have to say you’re grateful! Great for kids and adults!

Gratitude game board

Thanksgiving Would you Rather

Would you rather walk around with mashed potatoes or stuffing in your pocket? Pull the wishbone or eat a drumstick? See what your family and friends would say in this fun Thanksgiving would you rather game!

A set of printed out Thanksgiving would you rather questions

Thanksgiving Bingo

Who doesn’t love a good game of bingo? Print out these free printable Thanksgiving bingo cards for a Thanksgiving themed round of everyone’s favorite game!

Thanksgiving bingo card with bingo markers

Thanksgiving Charades

Have a big group who loves to play charades games? You’ll love this Thanksgiving charades game ! Tons of Thanksgiving themed charades words to play the classic game. Or change things up and try one of these unique charades ideas instead!

Thanksgiving charades word chart

Thanksgiving Pictionary

Would you rather draw than act? Then this Thanksgiving pictionary game is for you! Get the free printable cards and instructions for this classic drawing game with a holiday twist here .

Thanksgiving pictionary words

Thanksgiving Outburst

See how many items you can name about a Thanksgiving topic in this fun Thanksgiving outburst game! It’s great for all ages and skill levels and pretty hilarious when you realize what word you didn’t come up with!

Thanksgiving outburst card being held by a woman

Turkey Bowling

Bowl for turkeys in this fun Thanksgiving version of a family favorite! Get all the instructions for Turkey Bowling from Make and Takes including how to make the cutest turkey bowling pins!

Turkey bowling and other Thanksgiving games

Thanksgiving Candy Dice Game

If you know anything about me, it’s that I love the candy bar game and I love dice games. This Thanksgiving dice candy game from Cupcake Diairies seems to be a combination of my two favorite things and an absolute blast for the entire family!

Thanksgiving games with candy and dice

Thanksgiving Games for Kids

These Thanksgiving games are all about the little and not so little kids. Everything from a Thanksgiving version of pin the tail on a donkey to some more creative ones! This includes both printable and active games, just ones designed for kids! Perfect to go with one of these 12 gratitude activities .

The Gratitude Game

Teach kids gratitude in a really fun way with the The Gratitude Game from Plan Party Plan. It’s great to play on Thanksgiving day or play it all Thanksgiving long to get in the season!

Thanksgiving i Spy

Print out this fun Thanksgiving i spy game and let kids search for turkeys, pumpkins, and pilgrims to keep themselves entertained!

Need another fun game for kids? This Thanksgiving word search will have them hunting for fun Thanksgiving themed words!

Or better yet, print out these fun printable Thanksgiving placemats for kids with a word search, tic tac toe, and more!

Thanksgiving word search with two words circled

Thanksgiving Word Unscramble

See who can unscramble the words quickest in this Thanksgiving Word Scramble from Moms and Munchkins.

Thanksgiving games like unscramble

Roll a Turkey

Kids will love making their own turkey in this fun roll a turkey game! Or try out this roll a Thanksgiving feast game instead!

Then play roll a dinosaur , roll a unicorn , and roll a Christmas tree next!

A printed out roll a turkey game with all the pieces added

Don’t Topple the Teepee

A hilarious game of balance and fun for kids and adults alike, Don’t Topple the Teepee from The Inspired Treehouse is great for developing motor skills!

Thanksgiving games for motor skills

Feed the Turkey

This game includes a cute bottle decorated like a turkey, some pom pom turkey food, and an activity that will have kids laughing as try to feed the turkey the fastest! Get the full instructions from Busy Toddler here .

Turkey feeding Thanksgiving games

Turkey Rocket Races

Turn turkeys into balloons then race them in these Turkey Rocket Races from Growing A Jeweled Rose.

Turkey rocket Thanksgiving games

Turkey Feathers

This game that features dice and rolling dice associated with turkey feathers sounds like so much fun! Turkey Feathers from The Idea Room is sure to be a hit for years to come!

Turkey feathers Thanksgiving games

Free Printable Thanksgiving Games

These games are the simplest of the bunch – just download, print, and play. I like to do these if you have a family or group who is a little more laid back.

want 17 Thanksgiving games in one place?


Thanksgiving Scavenger Hunt

Send kids scrambling around the house looking for clues with this Thanksgiving Scavenger Hunt from Play Party Plan. Want other scavenger hunt ideas ? Here are over 25!

Thanksgiving Matching Game

See who can match food ingredients to the Thanksgiving dish they would most likely appear in with this Thanksgiving matching game ! It’s fun, fast, and free to print!

Printed out Thanksgiving matching game with fall confetti all around

Thanksgiving Trivia

Print out these Thanksgiving trivia cards or the one-page Thanksgiving trivia quiz to see who knows the most about the festive holiday! Questions easy enough for kids and ones challenging enough for adults!

how much is parking at seaworld san antonio texas
Pile of cards with Thanksgiving trivia questions on them

Open Box Game

This I’m An Open Box Gratitude Game from Fly Trap One is 52 cards full of fun ways to show your gratitude. If you need more ways to show gratitude, we love making a gratitude jar every year!

Box Thanksgiving games with a twist

Thanksgiving Price is Right

Remember the game show The Price is Right? Play this The Price is Right (for a Thanksgiving Dinner!) from Mika to see how well you can price a Thanksgiving dinner!

Thanksgiving price is right game

Thanksgiving Scattergories

Break out the popular game of Scattergories and replace the cards in the game with these Thanksgiving cards from Meredith Plays instead. Or forget the game and the dice and just write letters out to use instead.

Thanksgiving games like Scattergories

Turkey Talk Activity

Get your family talking and moving with these fun printable cards with Turkey Talk and Turkey Tasks from Happy Home Fairy.

Turkey talk Thanksgiving family games

Thanksgiving Finish the Phrase Game

See if you can finish the Thanksgiving phrase in the same way as your partner to win points. Get the printable Thanksgiving phrase card here .

Finish my phrase Thanksgiving games for kids

Pin the Hat on the Turkey

This Pin the Hat on the Turkey game is a great Thanksgiving version of the classic pin the tale on the donkey!

Pin the hat on the turkey Thanksgiving games for kids

It may look like it’s for kids, but I’ve seen some grown adults get competitive during this pin a hat on the leprechaun game, so I can imagine this could get feisty with the right group!

Gobble Gobble Mad Libs

Fill in the blanks to make hilarious stories in this Gobble Gobble Mad Libs game!

Thanksgiving mad libs

Outdoor Thanksgiving Party Games

These are the Thanksgiving games for families like my own that like to get outdoors after a big meal. These would be perfect for right before or right after the annual family football game!

You could also play a Thanksgiving version of any of these popular outdoor games if nothing on this list fits the bill!

Turkey Hunt

Try out one of these three fun turkey hunt games with variations for kids, teens, and adults! The find the turkey again and again looks like so much fun!

A printed out turkey hunt with turkey images on it

Get your family outside looking for Thanksgiving themed items in this Thanksgiving Scavenger Hunt from The Taylor House. Even better if you print the Thanksgiving themed activity out on brown paper bags to collect their items!

Thanksgiving object hunt for kids

Turkey Tag

A Thanksgiving spin on an old classic, Turkey Tag from Let’s Get Together will have players trying to tag one another with turkeys!

Turkey tag is one of the most fun Thanksgiving day games

Shooting Turkeys

Practice Shooting Turkeys in this hilarious game from A Girl And a Glue Gun that consists of Nerf guns and homemade turkeys to shoot in your very own backyard!

Shoot turkeys in these fun Thanksgiving party games

Flying Turkeys

Another Nerf Gun games that kids and adults will both love, Flying Turkey from Frugal Fun 4 Boys will for sure keep you on target this Thanksgiving!

Flying turkeys and other Thanksgiving games

Thanksgiving Bean Bag Toss

See who can score the most points as you toss a bean bag into this Thanksgiving bean bag game . It’s a fun way to get people outdoors without a lot of planning or setup!

Outdoor Thanksgiving bean bag toss

Other Thanksgiving Ideas

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