5 Family-Friendly Things to Do in Grapevine Texas


One of my favorite things about moving to Texas is having an entire new world of places to see and things to do open to me. Everywhere we go there’s a new restaurant, a new park, and a new experience to be had.

One of the places I had the chance to explore a bit this summer was Grapevine, Texas. Grapevine is just about twenty minutes from our new home and full of great things for kids and adults alike. If you’re ever in the DFW area, make sure to try out these five things to do in Grapevine, Texas!

#1 – Explore the Gaylord Texan Resort

I had the chance to stay at The Gaylord Texan Resort for the Travel Media Showcase and loved it, especially as a newcomer to Texas. The Texan theming, the newly renovated water park and pool, and the fun Alice in Wonderland summer activities bumped it up to the top of my list of places for families to explore in Grapevine.

And best of all, you don’t have to be actually staying at the resort to take advantage of all of their upcoming holiday activities like ICE, snow tubing, and more! It’s a great place to enjoy an afternoon as a family, doing things you can’t do anywhere else.

Want more info about Gaylord Texan? My friend Kim wrote up an entire article about how to enjoy the down-home Texas luxury at the Gaylord Texan .



#2 – Visit Grapevine Mills

Every Wednesday my son and I go on an adventure together and so far most of our adventures have been to Grapevine Mills . Whether it’s eating dinosaur chicken tenders at Rainforest Cafe , trying to save the princess from the dragon at Legoland Discovery Center or searching for every single fish and frog at the Sea Life Aquarium , there’s bound to be something your family enjoys.

My 3-year-old loves all three.

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#3 – Watch a Texas sunset

One of the first things I noticed when I moved to Texas was the sunsets. It was hard to ignore the orange and pink clouds staring back at me in the Outlander’s sideview mirrors.

I was that crazy person who had to pull off the side of the road just to take a picture. Or make that pictures because I’m pretty sure I took pictures of sunsets for the first month we were here.

Watching a Texas sunset isn’t just limited to the Grapevine area – it’s one of my favorite things to do in Galveston too!



#4 – Stay at Great Wolf Lodge

I wrote an entire post all about Great Wolf Lodge Texas here. Tons of details about why our family loves Great Wolf not only for year round fun but specifically for their Howl-O-Ween celebration!




#5 – Catch an event or festival on main street.

There is always something going on in Grapevine, Texas . From the annual Grapefest in September to North Pole train rides on the Grapevine Vintage railroad for the holidays, you just have to search the Grapevine calendar or this great guide to Grapevine to find something fun to do.

And those are just the big seasonal events. On any given weekend you can find a food truck festival, farmer’s market, live music to enjoy, and more.

And don’t forget Christmas in Grapevine. It’s not known as the Christmas capitol of Texas for nothing. On my bucket list for the upcoming fall and holiday season are the fall round-up , butterfly flutterby , and of course a north pole train ride to see Santa! If I can get tickets that is, they sell out fast!