Candy Campfire Activity and Free Printable

Pictures of a candy campfire

This candy campfire activity is the perfect way to teach how to build a campfire or just a fun activity for a camp themed party!

Build candy campfire

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Candy Campfire Activity

I was in charge of our church’s girls camp for a few years in a row and one of the certification requriements during camp was learning how to build a campfire.

This candy campfire activity was the perfect way to teach campfire basics.

This works great for girls camp certification or any other time you want to talk about campfires and feel like building a candy campfire. Boy scouts, girl scouts, kids indoor camping , a camping themed birthday party.

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Whatever the occasion, this is fun for everyone!

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Candy Campfire Supplies

Here’s everything you’ll need to build your very own candy campfires.

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I recommend prepping the exact amount of candy for a campfire and putting it into a Ziploc bag with the candy fire card and instructions. Then just hand each person doing this a Ziploc bag with their supplies.

Less germs, less mess, and less just eating all the candy that way!

Already built candy campfire

How to Build a Candy Campfire

While I do not recommend ONLY building candy campfires if you’re really trying to teach fire building, this candy campfire activity is a fun way to reinforce the skills in a creative and yummy way.

Or a good way to teach the steps to building a campfire before you actually make them.

It would be great for at camp (during a certification fair ) or even a pre-camp activity where you teach girls skills they need to pass off certification at camp.

Here’s how we did it.

  1. Hand everyone a candy fire card and a bag of the candy they’ll need to build the fire.
  2. Go through one step at a time and build candy campfires together, making sure to explain what each of the candy represents and why you do it.
  3. Once the campfire is built, have everyone take their campfire apart and do the same thing with the other type of fire.
  4. Eat your candy!

Girls building a candy campfire

Download the Candy Campfire Cards

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Instruction cards for building a candy campfire

Other Fun Camping Ideas

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Pictures of a candy campfire

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