Christmas Price is Right Game

See who can guess closest to the actual price in this fun Christmas price is right game! It’ll be a Christmas miracle if anyone gets them exactly right, plus three different variations to match any Christmas theme!

Printed out Christmas price is right game

When I was younger, I loved watching the Price is Right game show. My favorite game was always PLINKO, but I still loved watching all the others as well.

Honestly, I’m a bit of a game show junkie. I love getting game ideas from game shows like these minute to win it games and this danger words game. I may not have the huge budget and production set they do, but it doesn’t mean I can’t still come up with fun Christmas games inspired by theirs!

This price is right game is kind of inspired by the show but only in the fact that it’s a game where you’re trying to guess prices of items. And well the name of course.

Otherwise, it’s just a fun Christmas guessing game, kind of like if you play one of my fun versions of this Christmas would you rather game !

games to play with large groups

This game works great for virtual get togethers (as long as people can see the items on the screen), in-person parties for all ages, office parties, and really any time that people are together for the holidays!

And it takes very little prep – just a little shopping or research on prices plus printing out the games!


Okay so this is a printable game, so you’ll need to make sure that everyone has a copy of the printed game. Or you could always just do a piece of paper and pen I guess without the cute printables.

But if you want the printable game – you can get it at the bottom of this post or get a copy in my shop here.

In addition to that, you’ll need to either buy or print out images for each of the items on the price is right list. I made the list as generic as possible so you can buy anything that fits into that category to make it work for your group.

Here are the different categories you need to buy/print out pictures of:

  • Ornament – any kind and size of ornament or something you hang on your tree
  • Stocking – an actual stocking or something related to a stocking (stocking hanger, thing to go in a stocking, etc.)
  • Candy canes
  • Lights – any kind of lights or something that lights up
  • Wrapping paper
  • Nativity – this could be a small nativity, a large one, a piece of a nativity that you buy separately, etc.
  • Sweater – any kind of sweater or Christmas clothes you want
  • Treats – any kind of Christmas treats you want but they should be store-bought (unlike these Christmas tree brownies ) so there’s an actual price on them
  • Wreath – any type of wreath or hanging sign
  • Nutcracker – this could be the movie, the soundtrack, an actual Nutcracker, a toy Nutcracker, you name it

When you’re getting your items together – either purchasing or printing out a picture – you also need to make sure to keep track of the actual price (without tax) of each item AND I recommend coming up with a simple description of the item just for fun.

So in summary, here’s what you’ll need to play:

  1. Printed out game for each person (or piece of paper)
  2. Pen for each person
  3. Purchased or printed out items
  4. Price for each of the items
  5. Description for each item (optional)
  6. Prize(s) for the winners (see the prize section at the bottom of this post)

How to Play

This game is very simple to play once you have everything put together.

Give everyone a game card and a pen. Or if you’re not printing out game cards, just have everyone get a pen and piece of paper ready.

When you’re ready to play, show everyone the first item (ornament) and read its description to give them more details about the item. This would work great for a virtual call as long as everyone can see the item!

Once you describe the item, everyone should write down what they think the price of the item is (before tax). Their goal is to be the closest to the actual price WITHOUT going over the price. If they go over, their answer is disqualified for the round.

Keep going through the list, showing and describing the items one by one to everyone playing until you’ve gone through all the items on the list.

Christmas price is right game with prices written down

How to Score

Once you’ve gone through all of the items together, it’s time to go through the answers and score everyone’s games.

If you’re worried about people cheating (hopefully not…) and are playing in person, you can have people switch games to check someone else’s rather than their own. Otherwise, this is just an honor system game, just like most of the Christmas party games on my site.

Go through each of the items on the list again and tell everyone what the correct price is.

There are three different ways you can do the scoring as you go through the answers, depending on how many people are playing.

1 – Give Individual Points

First, you can ask who got a close price then keep narrowing it down until you figure out who got the closest price for that particular item (without going over). Whoever got the closest price for that item wins one point.

In this version, the person with the most points at the end of the game wins. This works better with smaller groups where one person is likely to get more than just one or two points.


Want to add a bonus point option? Anyone who gets the price EXACTLY right wins one bonus point. This can increase the number of points available and mix things up a bit.

Christmas price is right game with questions circled

2 – Give Individual Prizes

The second option is to do the same as above where you go through each question and find out the person who is closest to the price of the particular object. The difference is that instead of giving out points and adding up total points, that person would win a prize for getting the closest on that particular one.

So for instance if they got the closest on the ornament, they might win an ornament as the prize for that question. Or some other Christmas themed prize. Keep going, giving out small prizes for each question.

This version works great for big groups so you can give out more than just one prize.

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3 – Biggest Difference Overall Wins

The final option is to do an option that involves a little bit of math. As you go through each of the questions, players should write down the difference between the correct answer and their answer (so for example if the correct price was and I guessed .99, the difference would be .01.

Keep track of the difference for any question where the price guessed was not over the actual price – any guesses over the actual price should be scratched out and not counted.

Christmas price is right game with answers written in

Once you’ve gone through the entire list, have everyone add up their total difference and the person who had the smallest total difference wins the game.

This version works well for both big and small groups if you want to get just one more substantial prize for the winner compared to small prizes for individual questions.

Prize Options

As I mentioned above, you can give out prizes in one of two ways – a prize per question or one prize for the overall winner of the game. Here are just a few fun prize options that would work well for the individual question prizes – or you could just let them take home whatever they were guessing about!

If you need bigger Christmas prize ideas, this Christmas family feud game has a bunch of options!

  • Ornaments – any sort of ornament, box of ornament, or something you might hang on a tree. Or a small gift card to somewhere you might pick out a special ornament – Target, Hallmark, etc.
  • Stocking – something that would typically go in a stocking, like any of these fun stocking stuffers
  • Candy canes – any sort of candy works, something red and white striped, or anything peppermint or mint flavored
  • Lights – any kind of lights, a gift card to somewhere you might buy lights (Home Depot, Lowe’s, etc.), or something fun that lights up
  • Wrapping paper – gift card in a wrapped box, really anything in a wrapped box would be good
  • Nativity – an actual nativity, something Christ related, something with a star, a gift brought to Jesus, etc.
  • Sweater – socks, cozy blankets, sweaters, or anything that would make you feel cozy and warm
  • Treats – any Christmas treats including homemade (like these cherry cheesecake cookies )
  • Wreath – an actual wreath, something to hang on your door, something round like a wreath, or a gift card to somewhere you might buy a wreath
  • Nutcracker – anything from the movie from Sugar plums to toy mice to the actual movie, snow, candy, etc.

Expert Tips

Go virtual by having everyone just write the answers down on a piece of paper instead of using the printed out game. Or you can use the printed game and just send them a copy to print out on their own at home.

Get a variety of sizes and prices of items rather than all say and under type things. Try to pick out things that might be a little tricky or unknown so a gingerbread house kit instead of a bag of M&Ms for treats, etc.

Print images full size so when people are looking at items (if you don’t purchase them), they are big enough to really get a sense of the size and price. It’s much better if you purchase the items (or use ones you already have at home and get the price) but bigger images are better than smaller ones.

If you’re playing with kids, round all of your prices to the nearest 0. So instead of doing .99, do . This gives everyone more of a chance to get exact prices and earn bonus points.

Get rid of the “if you go over rule” if you’re playing with kids who don’t quite understand the concept. It’ll avoid any frustration if all of their answers are too high and don’t count.

Game FAQs

What items do I use for the game?

The items you need to use for this price is right game are completely up to you. Each line item has a “category” and you can be creative with what you want to use within that category. I’ve included examples of each in the post above.

Where do I get the files?

There are three different versions of the file (same game, different design) that you can download at the bottom of this post. Or you can get a copy of the game in my shop .

How many people can play this price is right game?

You can play this game with as many people as you want. I recommend at least 4 just so that there’s a bit of competition to be the closest, but you can play with as many as you want.

How do I determine the prices?

I recommend doing the regular full-price of each item before tax. So if there is a sale on an item and you buy it on sale, you should still do the regular full-price item, not the sale price. This will make sure it’s the most fair for everyone since sales can totally change depending on the day.

Are the different designs different categories?

No, they are currently just different designs to match different parties and events. You can see the three different designs below. If you’d like different categories, please email me at [email protected]

Three printed out Christmas price is right game options

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