Christmas Scavenger Hunt List

See how many of the Christmas related items you can find in this fun Christmas scavenger hunt! It’s great for kids or for doing as a friendly Christmas party scavenger hunt competition!

Printed out Christmas scavenger hunt for kids

Okay so if you’ve read my blog ever before, you probably know that I’m a huge fan of scavenger hunt ideas . Like huge.

I’ve done tons of clue based scavenger hunts (get my Christmas scavenger hunt clues here!) as well as tons of what I call seek and find scavenger hunts.

This year with it being what it is, I thought it’d be fun to add a generic seek and find style Christmas scavenger hunt to my collection. I already have a Christmas light scavenger hunt but thought a generic one would be helpful, just some more fun Christmas activities to add to your list!

You can do this at home, outside while you’re looking at decorations, or even as one of a couple Christmas party games . And I tried to make it universal enough that the entire family could play – not just kids.


You really don’t need much for this (or any scavenger hunt). Just get together:

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  • Scavenger hunt printable – one per person/team if they’ll be doing it separately
  • Pen/pencil to cross things out
  • Prize (if you want to do this as a competition team versus team)

If you want to use this again and again, I recommend printing on white card stock then laminating. I have this laminator and these laminating pouches that I use all the time. They’re super easy to use and work great!

How to Play

Just like with my indoor scavenger hunt and nature scavenger hunt , you are basically just looking for the things on the list. Give everyone playing a card (or they can play together), and they cross things off as they find them.

Some of my favorite places to find things includes:

  • Around the house
  • On the tree
  • In the backyard
  • In the neighborhood (or you could just do this neighborhood scavenger hunt )
  • On a walk or a drive

As players find things, they cross them off the list.

Christmas scavenger hunt with items checked off

Keep going until you’ve found all of the items on the list or all of the items that you’re able to find. Most of them should be found in a house with typical Christmas decorations, but I know sometimes people may not have everything I do.

Make it Virtual

I’ve had a number of people ask me for a Christmas version of my virtual scavenger hunt, and this is my solution for that! This seek and find Christmas scavenger hunt can be used in person and virtual!

disney dream vs disney magic

Follow the instructions in this virtual scavenger hunt post but use this holiday scavenger hunt list instead of those generic ones! Easy peasy and perfect for classroom party fun, family fun, or even office Christmas parties where everyone is at home!

If you’re doing it virtual, let people get creative with the things they bring back to the screen. Snowflake could be a snow globe, a paper cut snowflake, or even a snowflake on a book! Or maybe even a snow cone! YUM!

Two Christmas scavenger hunt cards on top of each other

Scavenger Hunts with Larger Groups

If you want to do this Christmas scavenger hunt with a small or large group, I recommend a couple of things to make it more fun for everyone. This would make it great for your next Christmas party!

  • Split into small groups and see if each small group can find all the items on the list
  • Compete (skip this if it involves young kids) to see who can all the items first
  • Have groups either bring back the items or take a picture of the items as “proof”
  • Have a prize for the winning team plus participation prizes for anyone who finishes/tries
  • Set a time limit and a meeting place for when the hunt is over

Expert Tips

Laminate the scavenger hunt and use dry erase markers to mark things off as you go. Then instead of throwing away the scavenger hunt, do it again later in the season or next year!

Do this scavenger hunt early in the season then a Christmas light scavenger hunt (drive around with some hot chocolate cupcakes ) later on! Kids will never even notice that some of the items on them are similar.

Make it a competition and have people take photos of the items they find to prove that they found them! First person to return to the house with all of the items (and photos of the items) wins a prize!

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