Christmas Trivia Questions

Use these fun Christmas trivia questions to keep people interacting at a party, to challenge yourself, or as a fun Christmas activity for the entire family! Over 75 Christmas questions ranging from questions about songs to movies, history, to pop culture!

Christmas trivia questions on cards in a pile

There are some people that remember everything and other people, like me, who don’t. These printable Christmas trivia questions are great for both kinds of people with easy questions, medium difficulty questions, and more challenging ones!

They’re a great option to play in-person at a classroom party, office party, or typical Christmas party. They’re also a perfect option if you’re looking for virtual Christmas games – just ask on the call and see who can come up with the right answers!

Play these alongside any of these more interactive Christmas games or even some of these printable ones like our Christmas emoji game for one fun holiday soiree!

If you’re looking for something a little simpler for trivia, I’ve got over 300 questions in this fun Christmas trivia game ! Plus, the game itself is super fun!


You don’t need much to use these Christmas trivia questions and honestly it depends which set you use. The file at the bottom of this post comes with both Christmas trivia cards (75 total) and a printable Christmas trivia game (25 questions).

If you’re using the trivia cards and just going to have people ask as just another one of many Christmas activities , you just need the cards printed out.

If you’re going to do this as one of a couple Christmas party games to see who can answer the most of the 25 questions correct, you’ll need one printed out trivia sheet per person and a writing utensil of some sort for everyone.

Oh and prizes! Any of the prizes I mentioned in this holiday family feud game would work great!

You can download the file at the bottom of this post or get a copy in my shop here !

How to Play

There are a couple of different ways you can use these Christmas trivia questions. I’ll walk through each of them below and if none of those work, feel free to use the questions however makes the most sense for your group!

1 – Put them on the table

This is the easiest option. Just cut out the Christmas trivia questions cards, put them on tables, and let people take turns asking each other the questions.

It gets people talking, learning things about the holiday, and enjoying each other’s company! This also works great virtually – just ask and answer questions on the virtual call.

2 – See who knows the most

This version will use the actual Christmas trivia questions game sheet. Print out a copy for everyone and give them a pen. Set an allotted time and let people fill out their answers.

adults games to play at a party

Go over the answers together once everyone is done (or the time is up) and whoever gets the most answers correct wins. This is how we did our Thanksgiving trivia , and it worked great!

Printed out Christmas trivia questions

If you’re doing this virtually, you can just read out the questions and people can write them down on a piece of paper at home. Then go over all the answers together after you go through all the questions.

3 – Fastest Wins

Ask a question to the entire group at once. Whoever can write the answer down on a piece of paper and show it to you, shout it out, or show it on the screen (if you’re playing virtually) gets a point for the question. Or a prize – you can either do a small prize (like candy) per question or collect points to win one prize at the end.

Keep asking questions and giving out points and prizes until you’ve asked as many as you want.

Hand holding a Christmas trivia card


If you’re doing fastest wins, have someone help you watch the screen or listen for answers. It’s sometimes hard to see the quickest thing when you’re also reading the question.

Expert Tips

Make this kid-friendly by going through the questions first and choosing the ones you think they’re more likely to know. There are 75 total questions and plenty of them are kid-friendly, but they’re mixed in so that a large group or entire family could play as well.

Make it a team trivia night. Form into teams, ask questions, and let teams earn points together to crown a big winner at the end of the rounds.

Laminate the cards then put them in a bag or box to pull back out next year. You never know when you’ll need some Christmas trivia – like if you were playing these fun ping pong games that need trivia questions!

How many questions are there?

There are 75 total Christmas trivia questions – all 75 are on the cards and 25 of the 75 are on the Christmas trivia sheet.

Where do I get the files?

Download the trivia cards and game at the bottom of this post or you can get a copy in my shop here.

Do you have any more trivia questions?

I have a ton of different trivia questions for various topics! You can find all of my trivia games here !

meaning of number 22
Do you have any more Christmas games?

Yes! I have so many fun ideas including games for adults, teens, and kids on my Christmas games page!

How difficult are the questions?

The cards are designed to have a mixture of difficulty levels. The first sheet are the easier cards and then the sheets after that tend to be a bit more challenging, with some easy questions mixed in there as well.

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