Easy Halloween Backdrop and Decoration Ideas

Halloween backdrop ideas and more

What’s a Halloween party without Halloween party decorations? These easy DIY Halloween decorations are great for anyone who wants to host a fantastic Halloween party without breaking the bank! Everything from DIY Halloween party backdrop ideas to balloon decorations you can make in minutes!

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Halloween Party Decorations

I can’t believe Halloween is right around the corner. I’m not a huge fan of costumes but do love Halloween parties, so I’m excited to share these DIY Halloween party decoration ideas that are so easy anyone can make them!

With all of the parties that I throw, I need a damage free way to decorate my walls for each of the parties, and that’s why I absolutely love the Command Party products .

They are seriously made for people like me who love to throw parties. And unlike tape, I can just take them down and reuse them over and over again. Here are some of the fun ways I used the new party products in this week’s Halloween party !

Easy DIY Halloween party decoration ideas to take your Halloween party from horrible to hauntingly great

Halloween Balloon Ideas

First up, balloons! The Command Party balloon bunchers are just what they sound like, balloon bunchers! They are designed to allow you to hang three balloons to the wall in a fun little bunch.

No more trying to figure out how to tape or pin balloons to the wall, now you can get perfect bunches in just a few simple steps – attaching the command strip to the buncher, putting the balloons on the buncher (BEFORE you hang), and attaching the command strip to the wall.

Halloween balloon party decoration

And the best part is that they stay on until you take them down. That’s so helpful if you want to get started decorating a few days in advance rather than just on party day. I put my Halloween balloons up two days before the party, and they were still smiling at me from the wall two days later.

Halloween balloon party decoration

Halloween Backdrop Ideas

Once I got my balloons up, I moved on to one of the most important parts of my party decorations – the backdrop for behind my dessert table.

Since I’m using spiders throughout my party, I knew I wanted to make a spiderweb and the Command Party Clear Mounting Strips made it SO easy. And my husband wasn’t getting onto me because I was taping or pinning things on the wall again.

I may have taken off some of the paint during a party a few weeks ago and almost had to swear off backdrops altogether. So yes, he’s almost as big of a fan of the damage free Command Party products as I am! Look how easy this spiderweb is to make with the use of the Clear Mounting Strips.

All you’ll need are some white streamers and a package of Clear Mounting Strips .

Attach a clear mounting strip to the back of the end of the streamer (make sure to follow instructions!) and attach it to the wall. Cut one strip that leads into the middle of the spiderweb and use another mounting strip on the other end to attach. Repeat to create the base of the web then use small pieces of streamers to create a spiderweb pattern on the wall.

Then all you have to do is add in some little spiders and you’ve got an awesome Halloween backdrop.

Halloween party spiderweb backdrop idea

I also made a smaller backdrop for my party favor table using the Command Party Mini Spring Clips . Look how cute these are. I’m a sucker for anything mini.

Just like with the other products, they come with strips that you attach to the back and then stick to the wall. And they can hold printables, photos, or whatever you want within the weight limit.

They were perfect for creating a little Halloween gallery wall with a bunch of prints that came in one of my scrapbook pads.

disney dream vs disney magic

If I had it my way, the mini spring clips would just stay up all year long so I can create gallery walls for every holiday. K wasn’t quite so fond of having things up on the wall for three days just out of his reach.

These would work really well with any of these other Halloween party ideas too!

Halloween gallery wall party decoration idea

Halloween Party Banner

And last but not least, my favorite of the new Command Party products – the banner anchors . You guys, these things are incredible.

You have no idea how many times I’ve tried to tape up banners and had them fall down right in the middle of pictures. Or right in the middle of the party when no one really wants to be putting them back up.

These banner anchors takes away that concern, and they look so much better than taping or pinning a banner up.

The idea is so simple and brilliant. All you do is attach the banner anchor to the wall using the directions on the package, and then you wrap the string from your banner around the anchor to “anchor” it in place.

I think it took me four different tries to get my bucket list garland to stay. Not so much with my Halloween banner, only took me one shot, and it’s now been up for days. I cut out a Halloween banner with my Cricut Explore Air 2 and hung the banner in minutes!

The banner anchors definitely have found themselves a permanent home on my mantel. No more wasted time or tape for me. Now I can spend all my time planning Halloween games or answering these Halloween truth or dare questions with kids!

Get the Halloween Party Supplies

I love it when I discover new products that I can’t live without. And as a party planner, the new Command Party Products are definitely on my list of must-haves. If you like to throw parties, do yourself a favor and go out and buy everything that Command has to offer in their new party line right now.

You can get all of these products to try out yourself here!

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Halloween backdrop ideas and more