Fall Photo Scavenger Hunt

Try out this fun fall photo scavenger hunt

Have fun this fall with your family by with this fall photo scavenger hunt! Simply explore your local neighborhood and take all of the photos on the scavenger hunt to win!

Try out this fun fall photo scavenger hunt

Fall Family Fun

A couple of years ago we did a photo scavenger hunt for a youth activity that was so fun! I loved going around and taking silly pictures with my friends!

This year I thought it would be fun to do a similar photo scavenger hunt but with my family instead! I added a number of items from our fall bucket list and the idea is that you take photos of your family doing all of these things!

The scavenger hunt includes a bunch of my favorite fall activities like playing in the leaves, eating a caramel apple, drinking a fall drink (I love this hot chocolate recipe ), and stretching out cheese like in the yummy Culver’s cheese curds!

How to Play

You have two options for the scavenger hunt. You can either take an afternoon and try to do everything at all at once or you can make it a week-long scavenger hunt and kind of like a bucket list , just do all of the activities when you can.

Just make sure that you get a photo of each activity and say cheese, especially when you’re stretching something cheesy!

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Stretch something cheesy with Culver

This would also be really fun to do in a competition – give two teams the scavenger hunt and see who can complete the items and get photos of each first! Kind of like an amazing race !

A photo scavenger hunt is the best kind because it’s the only one that actually requires you to make and capture memories with your camera!

Download the full scavenger hunt at the end of this post!

The perfect day to play

With National Cheese Curd Day coming up in October, there’s no better time to do this fall photo scavenger hunt – I mean say cheese, cheese curds, is there anything better?

We did this this last year for National Cheese Curd Day and had a total blast!

For the “stretching something cheesy,” we took my son to Culver’s where the cheese curds are little snack size chunks of white and yellow cheddar cheese that have been breaded and deep-fried.

Culver Don The best cheese curds are at Culver

I honestly wasn’t sure what my son would think of cheese curds. He won’t eat mozzarella sticks and doesn’t like trying new things.

He loved them!

He loved stretching the cheese. He loved the crunchy outside and cheesy inside. He loved picking out a cheese curd and guessing if it was white or yellow inside. And he loved stacking the cheese curds up before we ate them. What can I say, we like to play with our food .

Kids will love Culver Stack cheese curds on top of each other in this fun photo scavenger hunt Cute Culver Stretch cheese curds from Culver There

Download the Files

Enter your first name and email address below to get the free printable. You’ll receive an email with a link to download the PDF scavenger hunt to print. There are two copies per page, making it perfect for that team competition I talked about earlier!

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