Free Printable Christmas Bingo Cards

Use these adorable Christmas bingo cards for a fun holiday game that’s great for all ages and skill levels! Everyone loves a good game of bingo and these printable cards make playing even more fun!

Christmas bingo cards with Christmas erasers around

We don’t have a lot of holiday traditions in our family, really only a few I can think of. Giving a family in need 12 days of Christmas gifts is one and playing Christmas bingo on Christmas Eve is another.

We all know it’s happening so about two months before the big night we start collecting - prizes. Everyone brings 4-5 prizes per person in their family, and we play for a couple of hours with the entire family.

It’s honestly one of my favorite Christmas traditions and really favorite Christmas activities . And it’s honestly more about the process of playing bingo than it is about the prizes, although those are super fun too!

We typically use regular bingo cards for our Christmas Eve bingo, but these Christmas bingo cards are way cuter. They’d be perfect for a classroom party, if you need virtual Christmas games, or if you really just want some sort of fun themed Christmas games!

I love Christmas bingo so much this is actually my third type of bingo game. If you like this one, you need to try my Christmas movie bingo and my Christmas music bingo too!

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Just like with any of my bingo games, you’ll need the following to play:

  • Bingo cards (at least one per person) – you can download a set of 20 unique cards at the bottom of this post or get a set of up to 40 in my shop here.
  • Bingo markers – I like to use small themed erasers , Christmas M&Ms , or even just these regular bingo markers work well. Don’t get the bingo stampers or you won’t be able to play more than one game.
  • Calling sheet – this is included in the download at the bottom of this post, print out two copies and cut one up to use as the items you draw to call.
  • Prizes – I have a bunch of fun holiday themed prizes that would be great at the bottom of this post

Christmas Bingo Prep

Make sure everyone has a bingo card. You can either let people choose their own or just hand them out if you think choosing is going to be a problem (hello young kids).

Everyone will need a bingo card and markers. Then choose someone to be the caller – you can do it or you can have someone else do it. Or mix it up and have someone new do it every round to make it more fun!


If you want to go virtual – send each individual one of the four sets of bingo cards and assign them one of the cards (e.g., top right). Bingo is a fantastic virtual game as long as you can get everyone a card!

You also need to print out two copies of the calling sheet. Cut up the squares on one and put it in a bowl, bag, or some other container you can draw the pieces out of. The other one should just be sitting out – you’ll be picking out the squares and covering up the spaces on the calling sheet as you play.

Now you’re ready to actually play!

It’s bingo. I feel like most people now how to play regular bingo but just in case, I’ll do a quick play by play to explain how the game works.

The more important thing to read (if you’re familiar with bingo) are the alternate bingo options below this section. That’s what makes bingo really fun!

Horizontal image of two blank Christmas bingo cards

How to Play Bingo

It’s bingo. I feel like most people now how to play regular bingo but just in case, I’ll do a quick play by play to explain how the game works.

The more important thing to read (if you’re familiar with bingo) are the alternate bingo options below this section. That’s what makes bingo really fun!

Once everyone gets their cards and is nice and settled, it’s time to start. Randomly choose one of the pieces from the bag/bowl/etc. and show the picture to the group and call it out (e.g., penguin, Santa hat). Anyone who has that item on their board should cover it with a bingo marker.

Wait for a second to make sure everyone has found it (or not if it’s not on their card) then call another. Keep calling until someone has covered up five in a row – horizontal, vertical, or diagonal – on their board. This can include the free space in the middle or not.

When someone gets five in a row, they call bingo. You can either quit the round then and have everyone clear their cards for the next bingo round or you can keep playing from there and let multiple people bingo during the round.

Christmas bingo card with Christmas erasers in a line

Whoever bingos wins a prize. You can either assign prizes to particular bingo games (e.g., 1st game wins an Amazon gift card) or have a table of bingo prizes and the winners can choose from it once they win.

We always do the latter when we play with the family, but it’s totally up to you and your situation. If you’re playing with say an entire school or an office, pick one prize per game and whoever gets bingo first wins the prize.

Keep playing until all the prizes are gone or people get bored.

Alternate Bingo Options

Change things up by calling out a different option for what is a “bingo” each game. So instead of just doing five across in a straight line, try one of the alternatives before.

It keeps things fun, creative, and moving. Just remember to make sure that everyone knows what the game is before you get started!

  • Four corners – cover all four corners on your card
  • Postage stamp – cover any four spaces together in a square (postage stamp) on your card.
  • X – cover all the spaces going both ways diagonally to make an X
  • T – cover the top row and the middle row to make a T
  • Cross/Plus – cover the middle horizontal row and the middle vertical row to make a plus sign
  • Friendly Free – mark off all of the spaces touching the free space
  • Biggest Loser – we do one of the above PLUS whoever is the last person to get a marker on the board gets the first prize
  • Bring a Friend – whoever bingos gets to choose a friend to bingo with them a choose a prize (this works best if you have lots of people/prizes)
  • Play until – If someone hasn’t won yet, play until that person bingos
Christmas bingo cards with erasers in a square

Christmas Bingo Prizes

You can either go for Christmas themed prizes (like a holiday gift basket ) or go for more generic prizes that everyone will like (gift cards are always a hit!).

Prizes can range from really expensive if you’re playing at say an office party with a budget for prizes or less expensive in the case of my family Christmas bingo game.

Here are a handful of fun prizes including ones that I’m personally including in our family bingo game this year! I’ve got things on here for all ages and genders – just pick what works best for your group!

Expert Tips

Laminate the bingo cards so you can use them year after year! They’ll be more durable and you can use dry erase markers (or any of the bingo markers I already talked about) to cover the spaces!

games to play at parties

Pass out cards to people if you think they’ll go crazy trying to figure out which card they want. Skip giving them the choice and just hand them out.

Buy extra bingo markers if you’re using something edible like M&Ms or cereal. People tend to snack on the edible bingo markers, which is all part of the fun – but you’ll need about double what you originally thought.

Have treats and snacks available to enjoy during the party. It’ll keep their mind off if they didn’t bingo because they’re still getting a little treat! These Christmas tree brownies and these cherry cheesecake cookies are always a hit! And if you want savory, you can never go wrong with homemade chex mix .

Game FAQs

How many bingo cards are there?

You can get 20 free unique cards in this post. If you need more than that, you can get up to 40 unique cards in my shop here . If you need even more than that, email me at [email protected]

Do these bingo cards work for blackout?

There are 31 different songs images in these Christmas bingo cards, not the 75 that are in a normal number based bingo game. While the cards are unique, there is a possibility that people will have the same 24 images on their card. You can definitely play blackout BUT I can’t guarantee you won’t have two people blackout at once.

How can you play virtual Christmas bingo?

I included a section above for how to play this game virtually but it’s pretty simple. There are four bingo cards to a sheet in the downloadable file. Send one sheet of bingo cards to anyone who wants to play and assign them one of the cards (e.g., bottom right, top left) so that everyone is using different cards. Then just play on a virtual call like normal!

Do you have more bingo games?

Yes! You can find them all on my bingo games page here! I have a ton of different bingo cards for all kinds of occasions including two other variations of Christmas bingo!

Four Christmas bingo cards stacked on top of each other

More Printable Christmas Games

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