Free Printable Easter Dice Game

This Easter dice game is a great way to add a little dice rolling fun to your Easter celebrations! With variations that are fun for kids and adults, everyone will love playing this dice game to try and win some Easter treats!

Printed out Easter dice game

You all know I love dice games. From this viral dice gift exchange to these dice centered birthday party games , dice games are my favorite!

With Easter being at home this year, I thought it would be fun to come up with a little Easter dice game that your family could play at home to make Easter a little more eggciting.

As soon as my son saw this Easter dice printable, he immediately asked to play because mom, it looks like so much fun!

We played and guess what? It is so much fun! One of my new favorite Easter activities !

Easter Dice Game Supplies

You don’t need much for this printable Easter game, but I’ve included a list of supplies below so you can gather what you need before you play!

  • One printable Easter dice game (get it at the bottom of this post)
  • 1 Easter egg per person
  • 1 die

How to Play this Easter Dice Game

Okay so there are a number of different ways you could play this game and honestly, I’ve only included three options below – you could totally play a number of other ways as well.

1 – Play with Easter hunt eggs

One way to play this games is to have kids pick out one Easter egg that they found doing one of these Easter egg hunts . Typically people would want to bring an egg to the game that has a treat or prize that they may not necessarily love (e.g., my son doesn’t like chocolate so all those Reese’s eggs would end up in the game). Because odds are that they’re not going to end up with the treat they bring.

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Everyone gets to pick their own Easter eggs to bring to the game, just make sure to have everyone bring the same number.

Pick a number of rounds that you’ll play the game before you start playing.

Have everyone open their egg to show what’s inside. This helps make it a bit more fun as the eggs start getting traded around!

Have one person start and roll the die. Based on what they roll, they have to trade, switch, or steal eggs from other people that are playing.

And just as a side note, just like in gift exchange games , steal just means swap any egg with any other player’s egg!

So if child A rolled a 1, they would trade their egg with the person on their right.

Once they’re turn is over, pass the die to the right and the next person goes. Go around the circle the designated number of times and everyone ends up with the egg and treat inside at the end of all the rolls.

Kid playing Easter dice game

2 – Fill the eggs with fun prizes.

If you want to do this as something a bit more fun and exciting, have whoever is hosting (aka you) fill one Easter egg per person with some sort of fun prize like a gift card (if you do big eggs), candy, money, or something else that people will actually want to win!

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Make it even more competitive by filling some of the eggs with better prizes than the others so people are trying to get that one special egg.

Play in the same way as mentioned above – pick a certain number of rounds and at the end of the round, people keep the egg they have in hand.

Egg opened during an Easter dice game

3 – Have one golden egg.

Last but not least, you could play this as a golden egg game.

Give everyone an empty Easter egg and make one of them the golden egg. It could either be an actual golden egg or have a gold sticker or just be designated as the golden egg.

Play the exact same way that you play above with choosing the number of rounds, rolling, and trading the eggs around.

The big difference is that all people are trying to do is get that golden egg. At the end of the game, whoever has the golden egg wins a larger prize.

A prize like a gift card, cash, a bag of Easter candy, or something else.

This version would work better for older kids, teens, and adults who understand the competitive nature of stealing a golden egg from one another.

If you are doing the golden egg version with younger kids, I recommend still filling the other eggs with treats so even if they don’t end up with the golden egg, they end up with something.

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Printed out Easter dice game

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This Easter dice game is a great way to add a little dice rolling fun to your Easter celebrations! With variations that are fun for kids and adults, everyone will love playing this dice game to try and win some Easter treats!