Free Printable Neighborhood Halloween Scavenger Hunt

In this scavenger hunt for Halloween, players have to search for fun Halloween items either around the house or around the neighborhood! Two different Halloween scavenger hunt ideas that are printable and ready to play right away!

Halloween scavenger hunt with orange and black checkboxes

Seek & Find Scavenger Hunts

If you’ve read my blog at all, you know I love me some good scavenger hunt ideas . In the past I’ve shared everything from an indoor scavenger hunt to a fall photo scavenger hunt and even an alphabet scavenger hunt !

So it only makes sense that it’s time to finally share a Halloween scavenger hunt – two actually. These are both seek and find type scavenger hunts where you are looking for items on a list. And they’re perfect for social distancing Halloween fun!

If you’re looking more for riddle or clue based, you’ll want to check out this Halloween scavenger hunt instead that’s more like a treasure hunt.

In the first, they are just typical Halloween items you might find around the house. In the second, it’s specifically written to be a Halloween decorations hunt where you’re searching for typical Halloween decorations around a neighborhood. They’re some of my new favorite Halloween games , for small parties!

Do one or both versions this holiday season for a super fun and safe Halloween activity for the entire family. You could even make it a little competition to see who can find the items on the lists first!


The best thing about doing a scavenger hunt for Halloween like these seek and find ones is that you really don’t need anything other than the scavenger hunt you can download below and a pen to mark things off.

easy minute to win it challenges

Oh and maybe a car if you want to drive a little further for the Halloween decorations hunt! Otherwise, just print and play!

Printed out Halloween decorations hunt

Two Printable Scavenger Hunts

There are two different hunts included in the download in this post. They’re slightly different, so I’m going to explain them both. They look very similar other than the options though, so I included them both in this post together!

Hunt #1 – Find the Items

This seek and find list searches for typical Halloween items you could potentially find around the house or also ones you might see if you took a walk through your neighborhood. But they’re pretty generic other than being Halloween themed.

Kids (or whoever is doing the scavenger hunt for Halloween) can get creative to find the items. Black cat could be a stuffed black cat. Vampire could be a Twilight book or a Hotel Transylvania movie.

Send them off with a hunt and see what they can find or make it a family night and search all together. Dress up in costume and walk your neighborhood seeing what you can find!

Check off the boxes as you go so you remember what you’re still looking for. When you finish the Halloween hunt, celebrate with some treats as a family! I like these witch Halloween rice krispy treats , monster cookie sandwiches , and candy corn pudding cups !

Printed out Halloween scavenger hunt with items checked off

Game #2 – Halloween Decorations Hunt

Okay so moving on from the typical Halloween scavenger hunt to a new one this year – a Halloween decorations hunt! With the recommendations being to not go door to door trick or treating, this fun scavenger hunt for Halloween is a fun way to still get outside on Halloween without actually knocking on any doors.

Instead of just finding typical things like a ghost or a bat in this hunt, you’ll be searching your neighborhood for specific types of Halloween decorations. There are a few items on the list that appear on the first scavenger hunt above but mostly, they’re things that are decoration specific.

Hand holding a scavenger hunt in front of a door

Items on this scavenger hunt includes things like something inflatable, stacked pumpkins, Halloween lights, and a Boo sign. I tried to keep things fairly generic so you’ll most likely see the items on the list but still fun enough that you won’t just see them all at the first house!

We love doing this Christmas lights scavenger hunt every year, and I think this Halloween decorations hunt may just be a new family tradition! You could even make this a neighborhood activity – give each family a scavenger hunt and see who can find the items on the hunt first.

Printed out Halloween decorations hunt with Halloween items all around

Make it a full night of fun by playing a little Halloween would you rather , asking some Halloween truth or dare questions (truth or scare!), and using some of these Halloween party ideas for a fun finish!

Or drop off some Halloween boo baskets while you’re out and about – your neighbors will love the fun Halloween surprise!

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Expert Tips

Go virtual by having everyone join in on Zoom or another video chat service and using the items on this Halloween scavenger hunt with the rule for this virtual scavenger hunt . Just replace the list from over there with these Halloween items!

Laminate the scavenger hunt and use dry erase markers to mark things off as you go. Then instead of throwing away the scavenger hunt, do it again later in the season or next year!

Do both scavenger hunts during the Halloween season. Let kids do the regular seek and find one sometime in October and do the Halloween decorations one as a family Halloween week! They may look the same but it’ll still be fun to search for different item together!

Make it a competition and have people take photos of the items they find to prove that they found them! First person to return to the house with all of the items (and photos of the items) wins a prize!

Game FAQs

How many copies do I need to print?

If you’re going as a group and working together, you’ll just need to print one copy of the hunt. If you’re doing a competition, you’ll need one copy per team.

What if I can’t find some of the items?

That’s totally fine. It’s meant to be an activity for people to enjoy time together – just find what you can and enjoy treats together after!

How do you do a Halloween treasure hunt?

If you’re looking for riddles that lead to Halloween treasure, you’ll want to check out this Halloween scavenger hunt that comes with clues!

Do you have more scavenger hunts?

Yes! You can find them all on my scavenger hunts page here!

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