Free Printable Roll A Jack O Lantern Game

Printable roll a jack o lantern game

This free printable roll a Jack O Lantern game is perfect for kids of all ages! It’s cheap, easy to setup, and even easier to play! Kids will love seeing who can roll a pumpkin first!

Printable Roll A Jack O Lantern Game

I’m a big fan of dice games. And so are my kiddos.

Ever since we played these birthday party games with dice, my son loves rolling dice as part of a game. Any game.

I’ve since made a roll a dinosaur game , roll a unicorn game , roll a first aid kit , and even roll a rainbow game .

And this dice gift exchange game is still one of my most viral posts ever. People like dice and the element of chance it brings.

So to stick with tradition I am sharing this free printable roll a jack o lantern game that’s perfect for kids! Print and play with these other Halloween games for Halloween classroom party, preschool parties, or even parties with teens and make it a race!

Roll a Jack O Lantern Supplies

The beauty of this game is that the game is most of the supplies you’ll need. In addition to the printable game, you’ll need:

  • Pair of scissors (I recommend getting these kid-friendly scissors and get the kiddos to help you cut)
  • Dice (go with a Halloween dice like these black ones)
  • Halloween bag (or a Ziploc bag works fine)
  • Free printable roll a Jack O Lantern game (get the PDF file below)
Printed out Roll A Jack O Lantern game

How to Play This Roll A Jack O Lantern Game

Playing roll a jack o lantern or roll a pumpkin, whatever you want to call it, is simple. Before you play, there’s just a bit of prep work that needs to happen, but it’s easy enough the kids can help!

Prep Your Game

Print out the entire PDF – one per player. I recommend printing on white card stock but if you don’t have any, regular white printer paper works as well.

If you want to keep the game and play again and again, I recommend laminating said PDF once printed, before you cut it out. I use this laminator with these laminating sheets, and it’s super easy to do!

After it’s printed, cut out the the individual eyes, noses, mouths, and embellishments. These will be the pieces you put on the jack o lantern during the game.

I highly recommend putting all of those little pieces and the die into the Ziploc bag and paper clip it with the actual game board.

Now you’re ready to play!

Blank roll a pumpkin game

Playing the Game

Whoever is playing rolls the die, matches their number to the key on the left, and places a piece on their Jack O Lantern.

So for instance, if you roll a 1, you add the left eye. Roll a 4, you add the mouth. If you roll a number you’ve already rolled before, simply roll again until you get something you haven’t rolled previously.

Keep rolling until you finish off the Jack O Lantern with both eyes, a mouth, nose, and two embellishments. Then clear it all off and play again!

Face on a roll a pumpkin game

Playing the Game with a Group

If you want to play with a large group of people, there are a couple of ways you can do this.

First, you can print out one set for each person like I did with these dinosaur games . Give everyone their own bag, game, and dice.

Now is where you have options. When you say go, people can either all roll as fast as they can to finish their Jack O Lantern and first person to finish wins (or everyone wins a prize when they finish).

OR you can do a controlled roll. Have everyone roll once when you say go, put the items on their pumpkins, then hold. Say roll again and put their next item on. Keep repeating, everyone rolling together, until someone finishes. This is a bit more of a controlled game versus the crazy roll as fast as you can, but both ways are fun.

The other way you can play is to play the card as a team. Just like in these St. Patrick’s Day games (watch the video in the post), when you say go, one person from the team rolls and puts on their matching piece then passes the die to the next person.

Next person rolls. If they can put on a piece, they put on a piece. If they don’t, they pass to the next person. Keep going until the team finishes the Jack O Lantern together.

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Free printable Halloween game for children! See who can roll a jack o lantern with this cheap and easy Halloween game for kids!

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The game comes with four pages – the board and three sheets of pieces. Print on white paper, cut out, and enjoy!

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Printable roll a jack o lantern game

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Free printable Halloween game for children! See who can roll a jack o lantern with this cheap and easy Halloween game for kids!