Free Printable St. Patrick’s Day Bingo Cards

Printable St. Patrick

Want something fun to do for St. Patrick’s Day? This St. Patrick’s Day bingo game is perfect for kids or adults looking to have a little magical fun this year! And with 40 unique St. Patrick’s Day bingo cards, there’s plenty for everyone to play!

Printable St. Patrick

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St. Patrick’s Day Bingo

One of my son’s favorite things to do is play bingo. Whether it’s Christmas Eve bingo, Valentine’s Day bingo , or this St. Patrick’s Day bingo – he just loves to play! We even bought him this Zingo game so we can play bingo when it’s not a holiday!

This St. Patrick’s Day bingo game is perfect for a classroom party, a St. Patrick’s Day party for kids, or honestly you could even play it with adults. I mean cute little St. Patrick’s Day images are really no different than numbers and adults (and seniors!) LOVE playing regular bingo.

Or skip the bingo for the adults and try one of these St. Patrick’s Day party games instead!

It’s just another holiday and another reason to play bingo – I’ll take any excuse I can get!

A hand holding up three St. Patrick

How to Prep for St. Patrick’s Day Bingo

Playing St. Patrick’s Day bingo is just the same as playing any other bingo game.

First, you need to print out the downloadable St. Patrick’s Day bingo cards at the bottom of this post. There are options to download both a pack of 16 and a pack of 40!

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Once they’re printed, cut them out – four to a page. If you want to reuse them year after year, feel free to laminate or just tell people to be careful with the cards.

There are more instructions for printing down below, but you’ll also want to print out two sheets of the master image page. Cut up one of the master images so that you have the images to pick from and keep the other intact so you can keep track of which images have been called (to verify the winner).

Get some sort of markers for people to use to cover their cards. These mini shamrocks or green candies like these would work great. Or just buy a box of Lucky Charms and use those instead – anything works as long as they fit on the spaces.

Last but not least – pick out a couple of prizes for the winners. I have suggestions below.

A hand holding one of many St. Patrick

How to Play St. Patrick’s Day Bingo

This St. Patrick’s Day bingo game is played just like any other bingo game – just with St. Patrick’s Day images instead of numbers. It’s not quite as complicated as my Christmas movie quotes bingo!

When you’re ready to play, either hand out a card to each player or if they’re feeling lucky, let them pick their own. It really doesn’t matter as much with this as it does say with this Oscars bingo game where people want to choose a card based on who they think will win!

Choose someone to be the caller or just do it yourself. I recommend you do it at least the first round so people can see how it works.

Once everyone has their card and some markers, have everyone cover the free space in the middle with a marker. This is just a bonus free space to get people started.

Then start picking images one by one and calling them out, and showing them as well if people are confused about which one it is. I tried to make the images on the bingo markers unique enough that you could describe what it was without any confusion but hey, you never know.

Keep calling images until someone gets a bingo – five across horizontally, vertically, or diagonally. Verify that they did in fact get a bingo and let them choose a prize!

A winning bingo shown on St. Patrick

St. Patrick’s Day Bingo Prize Ideas

This list includes both smaller items and bigger items depending on what type of bingo you’re playing and how many people will win. If you’re playing during a St. Patrick’s Day classroom party, it might be best to do something smaller like the sunglasses or even these stickers .

If you’re only doing a few winners and it’s really lucky to win, I’d go with one of the bigger prizes! These prizes are all specific to St. Patrick’s Day but you could always do something like a gift card to an Irish restaurant, a gift basket of Irish movies, or really anything else you can think of!

Download the St. Patrick’s Day Bingo Cards

Enter your first name and email address in the form below to download the St. Patrick’s Day bingo cards. You will immediately be taken to a PDF with 16 downloadable cards and a master image sheet. If you cannot find the form, click here to get to it .

Print out two of the first master image sheet. You’ll cut up one of these sheets to use for the images you call and one to keep track of which images you’ve already called (to verify the winner). Then just print out one of each of the following pages in the PDF. This document gives you 16 unique St. Patrick’s Day bingo cards.

If you need more than 16 cards, you can purchase a pack of 40 cards here for a minimal cost by clicking here or on the image below .

Printable St. Patrick

More St. Patrick’s Day Fun

Need more fun ideas for St. Patrick’s Day? I’ve got you covered with scavenger hunts, lucky leprechaun games, minute to win it games, and more!

Don’t forget to pin these St. Patrick’s Day bingo cards for later!

Printable St. Patrick