Free Printable Summer Chore Charts

Wifi Chore Chart with text for Pinterest Summer Chore Charts with text for Pinterest Summer Chore Charts with Text for Pinterest Chore chart with text for Pinterest Summer chore chart with text for Pinterest

These printable summer chore charts are great for kids, teens, and all ages in between! Keep some structure and routine all summer long while still having fun and enjoying the time off with these colorful chore charts!

Summer chore chart on a pink background

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We did it! We finally made it to summer after a long few months of distance learning.

During the last few months of the school year, I tried my best to maintain some sort of routine and schedule that included school of some sort, getting outdoors, and a lot more structure to make it feel a bit more like school.

And we tried out all the scavenger hunt ideas – seriously all of them!

Now that summer is here, we’re going to get a little a less structured but still have a routine of some sorts.

Or at least a list of things that my kiddo has to do before he just jumps on and plays his favorite Nintendo Switch games all day.

I’ve put together two totally different summer chore charts, well sort of chore charts, they’re more daily checklists to keep kids and teens doing something other than electronics or sleeping all day long.

Summer Chore Chart for Kids

The first of the two chore charts is designed more for kids with basically a daily checklist to mark off as they go.

I have a pre-filled out one that is generic enough that everyone should be able to use it and there’s a blank version if you like the design but just want to fill out the chores yourself!

Unlike the summer chore chart for teens before, there are a couple of ways you can use this.

My family is going to tally up the checkmarks that my son earns and once we get to a certain number of boxes completed, he’ll earn a fun reward just like we did with these printable chore charts .

The big difference is that since it’s summer, the things on his list are less chores and more getting ready for the day, playing (while giving mom a little break), and practicing some of the skills he’s been working on during the year.

Or you can just say that kids have to complete all of the checks for the day before they can have a privilege like getting on electronics, playing with friends, or really whatever thing they really want to do.

Someone holding a summer chore chart

Summer Reward Ideas

There are so many different rewards you could choose but the idea is that to do something that will actually motivate kids – so something that they want!

You could choose something from your summer bucket list. Don’t have a summer bucket list? Get tons of summer bucket list ideas here!

You could choose something tangible like a new game, book, or toy. You could choose something that’s more about time than things like going to the pool, having a family movie night, having an outdoor playdate with a friend.

Or just a fun activity like playing a little family summer bingo .

The sky is the limit and the goal is to make it something motivating and personalized for the kids who are doing the chores!

Summer Chore Chart for Teenagers

This summer chore chart is meant to be a list of things that teens (or younger) have to do before they can get the WiFi password for the day – presumably to get on their computer, phone, ipad, or any electronics. If their chosen electronics don’t use WiFI, you can always just say that they have to do these things before they use any electronics as well.

The goal of this chore chart is again to keep teens and kids from just being on electronics or sleeping all day and get them learning, practicing, and actually enjoying the summer!

While hopefully helping you a bit in the process.

The one caveat is that this chore chart, if you’re really going to do the daily Wi-Fi password thing, only works if you have the ability to easily change your WiFi password. We can change ours through an app on my phone, so it’s easy for us. But I know that it’s not so easy for everyone!

If that’s the case, I’ve also created a version that just says “no devices” instead of no WiFi. Just fill in the items you want them to complete and they can use their devices after they’re complete!

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No wifi chore chart on blue background

How to Use These Chore Charts

Since these chore charts are meant to be written on and used – my recommendation is to print them on white card stock them laminate.

Once they’re laminated, they become dry erase versions of the chore charts that you can then use over and over again. No need to waste trees printing them out again!

And one more tip – use wet erase markers so that the items don’t get accidentally wiped off when someone mark things off!

I use this laminator with these laminating sheets for all of our charts, checklists, and our weekly meal planner . They’re inexpensive and work great!

Summer chore chart for kids on a pink background

Download the Summer Chore Charts

Enter your first name and email address in the pink form below to get the chore charts. You’ll receive an email with a link to download the PDF that will include the following:

  • Daily summer checklist – filled in version
  • Daily summer checklist – version with just headers
  • Daily summer checklist – totally blank version
  • No WiFi sheet – filled in version
  • No WiFi sheet – blank version
  • No devices sheet – blank version

If you do not see the form below, click here to get to it .

More Summer Printables

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