Free Printable Super Bowl Trivia Game

A fun Super Bowl trivia game with both a printable game version and printable cards to ask before and after the game! One of the best Super Bowl party games ever!

Having friends over to watch the Super Bowl? Play this Super Bowl trivia game to see who knows the history of the game and who holds game records! A fun way to get people talking and interacting before the game starts!

Printable Super Bowl trivia game

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Super Bowl Trivia

Everyone loves a good trivia night right? Well this fun Super Bowl trivia game is just that – but for the Super Bowl! It’s a fun way to test the smarts of your guests on Super Bowl history, Super Bowl records, and Super Bowl fun facts!

Perfect for conversation starters before the game, a challenge at halftime, or just to have around for anyone who might get bored during the game. Or for asking while you’re enjoying a bowl of this white chicken chili or a little spinach artichoke dip .

Unlike this Super Bowl commercial bingo game or this Super Bowl guessing game , this trivia game does take a bit of knowledge. It is trivia after all. But I tried to make sure that some of the questions were easy enough that anyone could answer – have you make people feel good about themselves right?

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How to Play this Super Bowl Trivia Game

There are two different versions of the trivia game. One that is a full page (or two to a page) of questions that you can hand out and have people answer. The other is a set of cards that you can cut out and just have sitting around in the room for people to ask each other.

The same questions are on each game, the format is just a little different.

Full Sheet Trivia Game

If you’re playing the actual game – print out one copy of the game for everyone who you think might want to play. And gather pens for everyone!

Give everyone a game and a pen then tell everyone to answer as many questions as they can – no phones or friends allowed.

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Set a timer (like 5-10 minutes) and when everyone is done, go over the answers with everyone. The answers are in the PDF you can download below.

Whoever gets the most answers correct wins. If you have a tie, ask them one of the two questions below and whoever gets closest wins.

  • How many tons of chips are eaten on Super Bowl Sunday? (14,500)
  • How many footballs does Wilson Sporting Goods give to the NFL at the beginning of the season? (24,960)
  • How much did it cost for a commercial spot in the very first Super Bowl? (,500)

Printed Super Bowl trivia game

Super Bowl Trivia Cards

You can use these in a couple of different ways. You could either just print them out and have them on the table or around the party for people to pick up and ask each other.

Or you could use them as a game as well. Here are a few different ways you could use these trivia cards.

1 – Split people into teams and read one question at a time and have teams answer the trivia questions as a group. Team who answers the most correct wins.

2 – Read questions and have people answer the questions individually on their own piece of paper. Person who answers the most correct wins.

3 – Read questions out loud to the group and whoever shouts out the correct answer first (kind of like in this name that tune game) wins either a point or a small prize for getting the question correct.

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Super Bowl trivia card

Super Bowl Trivia Prize Ideas

You can’t have a trivia contest without some great prizes! Here are some great prizes for Super Bowl Sunday trivia night!

Download the Super Bowl Trivia Here

Enter your first name and email address in the form below to download the Super Bowl trivia game. You’ll receive a PDF with seven pages:

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  • Answer sheet for the trivia game
  • (3) pages of trivia cards and answers

If you do not see the form below, click here to get to it .

Super Bowl trivia game sheet

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A fun Super Bowl trivia game with both a printable game version and printable cards to ask before and after the game! One of the best Super Bowl party games ever!