Ghoulish Recall Halloween Game

An image of a girl taking a selfie with zombines with text for Pinterest An image of a girl taking a selfie with zombines with text for Pinterest An image of a girl taking a selfie with zombines with text for Pinterest

This ghoulish recall game is a super easy virtual Halloween game to play with any age! Simply open up the game, show the included slides, ask questions, and see who can remember the most things from the photos! Great for Halloween parties, classroom virtual meetings, and virtual fun with friends!

An image of a girl taking a selfie with zombines with text for Pinterest

One of the things I’ve heard the most this year is that people need fun things to do for Halloween that are social distance friendly, virtual, and okay for the current environment we’re in.

This ghoulish recall Halloween game is perfect for all of those things! It’s great for classroom Zoom calls, a virtual Halloween party with friends, an adult game night, and more!

The basic idea of that game is that you show players nostalgic Halloween pictures and give them a few seconds to memorize the pictures then ask them specific and sometimes obscure questions about the pictures to see what people can remember.

That’s where you get the recall part that’s makes this! Sound good? Let’s ghoul! If not, these other 45 Halloween games might be a better fit!

Supplies Needed

There’s really not much you need to play this game, which is why it’s one of the best virtual Halloween games. The only things you need are:

  1. Ghoulish recall game – I’ve included examples in this post but you’ll need to download the full game file at the bottom of this post for all the photos, questions, and answers
  2. Some way to show the game – a computer screen, projector, TV, phone connected to
  3. Pen – you’ll need one for each person playing
  4. Timer – ideally this would be something that would show digitally on the screen so people can see it
  5. Answer sheet – you’ll need one for each person playing. You can either just have them use paper or send out the ones included with the game download (pictured below).
Ghoulish recall Halloween game answer sheet

How to Play

This game is super simple to play, which again is why it’s a great virtual game. As I’ve seen with my 7-year-old and when we were playing this virtual scavenger hunt , virtual games work best when they’re simple.

1 – Practice First

First thing you’ll do is make sure everyone has a pen and paper. Once everyone is ready to go, it’s time to start playing.

The first slide of each game is a practice to help people understand how to play.

Show the first slide, tell people they have a minute to study the image and that they will be answering questions about the image. Here’s an example of a practice slide from the kids deck.

earth day questions and answers
A photo of a bat holding a basket of candy with a haunted house in the background

Once the minute is up, move to the questions shown on the next page. Give them another minute to answer the questions shown on the page then say pencils down.

Here’s an example of questions that might be asked (they would not be able to see the photo any longer – must answer from memory).

Black PowerPoint slide with white text with questions

The next pages show the answers one by one. This is a practice round so no points will be awarded.

Each answer will have the items circled or featured so that it’s quick and easy to see the correct answer. Here’s an example.

Orange transparent image on top of a bat holding a bucket of candy

2 – Game time

Once you’re done practicing it’s time to play the actual game.

Move onto the first real slide image, set your one minute timer, and let people study the image.

When the minute is up, move onto the questions. Here’s an example of one of the real question sets from the game.

Black PowerPoint slide with white text with questions

Give people a few minutes to answer all of the questions on their paper.

Go through the answers quickly, one by one. Each answer correct is one point. If someone gets all the answers about a single slide correct they get one bonus point.

Every slide has five questions to go with it so if someone gets all five answers correct, they get six points total (5 + 1 bonus point = 6 points).

valentines bingo cards free printable

3 – Repeat

After you finish the first slide, move onto the second one. Then the third, and so on until you’ve gone through all of the slides. Or if you have less time than you’d need to go through all of the photos, just do as many as you can in your allotted time.

Kind of like with Halloween Family Feud where you only play for a certain amount of time!

Also note that there are two different sets of slide decks – one that is more family-friendly and one that is PG-13 for teens and older (fun for adult parties, office parties, and teen Halloween nights!) Here’s a quick example of one of the PG-13 images to give you a idea.

A black as night scene with a shadow of a guy with an axe

4 – Count Up

After you’ve gone through all of the photos, have people add up all of their points and provide their totals. The person with the most points wins!

I’ve included some prize ideas for the winner below, including ones that work to give someone virtually!

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Prize Ideas

I’ve included some fun ideas for the winner whether you’re playing this in-person or virtually! Typically with games like this that will have a single winner (compared to these fall party games ), I like to do a little bigger prize.

Download the Game

Enter your first name and email address in the form below to download the game. You’ll immediately receive an email with a link to the game files.

Or if you’d prefer to not provide your email, you can get a copy in my shop here.

If you do not see the form below, click here to get to it .

baby boy diaper cakes instructions

The file will include:

  • A kid-friendly PowerPoint file with an instruction slide, practice image, plus 10 game images, questions, and answers.
  • A PG-13 (teens and up) PowerPoint file with an instruction slide, practice image plus 10 game images, questions, and answers.
  • An blank answer sheet you can send to people to print out beforehand

This file is for personal use only, please do not replicate and use commercially or use for profit in any way.

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