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If you know someone who loves Legos, they will absolutely love these game ideas! Great Lego game ideas for a Lego party, for a Lego playdate, or just to keep kids who love Legos entertained for a few hours.

10 fun Lego game ideas for kids who love minute to win it games

I am a game show addict, and one of my favorite game shows to watch is Minute to Win It. If you’ve never seen it, basically people try to complete challenges in under a minute. Some of the challenges are easy and others are more difficult.

For this Lego game post, I created Lego Minute to Win It Party Games, perfect for kids to play at a Lego party.

How to Play These Lego Games

There are three different ways you can play minute to win it games like these ones. The style you want to play is completely up to you and completely dependent on how many people you have. I’ve played these Lego games all ways and they’re fun every time!

Individual vs. Clock – One player plays each game and tries to finish the Lego game in under one minute. Or if you’re playing with younger kids, you can give them a longer time period. But the main idea is that they’ll play agains the clock and try to beat the timer rather than an actual opponent.

Head to Head – Two or more players will play against each other head to head to be the first to finish the Lego game. First person to complete the game wins.

Teams – If you have a big group, split the group into teams and have one person from each team play each game. So for instance, someone from team A would be stacking bricks, someone from team B would be stacking bricks, etc. The team that finishes first receives five points, next team receives three points, and so on.

Lego Games Banner

I created a Minute to Win It banner using the Lego font. I just cut out the letters and glued them on to red paper to create my banner.

And now for the most important details, the list of challenges that you can use for your party. You can use them all or pick and choose which ones you think work best for you. All of these Lego game ideas would work for kids of all ages or even adults if you have Lego loving adults.

If you have any additional challenge ideas, please leave a comment and I’ll add them to my list! For each of the games below, I’ve listed out the equipment needed for ONE person to complete the challenge. If you have multiple teams playing at once, you’ll need one set for each team.

Instructions for the Lego Games

Game: Leaning Tower of Legos
Equipment Needed : Small container filled with Legos – number will depend on ages of your kids
How to Play : To complete this game, the player must build a tower using all of the Legos in the container. If the tower tips over, they must pick it up and continue building.

Game : Tongue Tower
Equipment Needed : Five Legos and one tongue depressor
How to Play : To complete this game, the player must first put a tongue depressor in their mouth then build a tower of five Legos on the tongue depressor (still in their mouth) and balance the Legos for ten seconds.

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Game: Pop Goes the Lego
Equipment : Ten blown up balloons with Legos inside
How to Play : To complete this game, the player must pop all of the balloons and build a tower using all ten Legos

Game: Sock the Block
Equipment : Five Lego towers that are placed around the room, across from the participants and rolled up socks
How to Play : To complete this game, the player must throw socks at Lego towers and knock over all five.

Game : Basket of Legos
Equipment : Legos and a basket built out of Legos (can be whatever size you want)
How to Play : To complete this game, the player must toss Legos from behind a line ten feet way into the Lego basket until they make five Legos into the basket.

Game : Lego Spelling Bee
Equipment : Cup full of Legos
How to Play : To complete this game, the player must use all of the Legos in the cup to “write” the word Lego in Legos

Game: Lego to Lego
Equipment : Build a simple Lego structure using various colors of Legos and then fill a container with the exact same pieces needed to build that structure
How to Play : To complete this game, the player must use the Legos in the cup to build a structure that looks the exact same as the one you’ve already built.

Game: Color by Lego
Equipment : Cup of Legos with five different colors of Legos in it, five empty cups
How to Play : To complete this game, the player must dump out Legos from the cup and sort the Legos by color into the other cups, one color per cup. The player can only sort on Lego at a time.

Game: Elephant March
Equipment : One pair of panty hose, one tennis ball, and five stacks of Legos setup around a room
How to Play : To complete this game, the player must put the tennis ball into the panty hose and then put the panty hose on his head (just on the forehead, not over their face). Using just the swinging of the tennis ball in the panty hose (no hands!), the player must knock over all of the towers.

Game: Lose the Legos
Equipment : One empty tissue box (the large rectangle ones), Duct or masking tape, and a bunch of Legos that should be put into the empty tissue box
How to Play : To complete this game, first the empty tissue box needs to be taped to the rear of the player with the opening facing away from the player. Once the tissue box is taped on, the time will start and the player must shake their rear to get all of the Legos to come out of the tissue box.


More Lego Party Ideas

You can’t have a Lego party with just Lego party games! These other Lego party ideas are perfect for any Lego lover!