New Year’s Eve Dice Game

This printable New Year

This printable New Year’s Eve game uses dice, candy, and memories to celebrate the New Year! Great for kids, adults, and everyone in between and super easy to play with just items you already have at home!

This printable New Year

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I’m a big fan of dice games. From my viral dice gift exchange game to this roll a Christmas tree game , dice just adds an element of luck and randomness to every game.

There’s a reason I have a ton of dice games on my site and a reason that people love them so much!

This game is perfect for a noon year’s eve party (more so than say this New Year’s Eve scattergories game ) as well as a New Year’s Eve with teens or adults!

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New Year’s Eve Dice Game

This New Year’s Eve dice game is easy to play and reminds me a bit of this birthday party game with its use of dice + candy but also a little bit of this gratitude game because what you roll determines what you have to say about the year.

All you need to play is a bag of candy , one die, and the free printable you can get in the pink form at the bottom of this post.

The idea behind the game is that you roll the die and do something with candy depending on what you roll but you also have to say something about the past year! It’s a fun way to reflect on the past year while still having a fun friendly competition.

Want to see how to play? Watch the video in this post!

Printed New Year

How to Play this Dice Game

Have everyone sit in a circle and put the bowl or bag of candy in the middle of the table.

Put a number of these print outs around the table or just print out a great big one at your local print shop (like -5) and hang it up where everyone can see.

Give everyone two pieces of candy and then give the die to the youngest person in the circle. Place the rest of the candy in a bowl in the middle of the circle.

Have the first person roll the die. Based on what they roll, they have to either pass, take, or give back candy. They also have to tell about something that happened in the past year based on what they roll.

For instance, if they roll a 1 they pick one piece of candy from the middle and tell about a funny thing that happened to them in the past year.

If they get a 2, they pick two pieces of candy and tell about something they’re looking forward to in the new year.

No answer is right or wrong – the idea is just to get people talking about the year!

If you want games that right and wrong answers, you may want these printable New Year’s Eve games instead. They’re full of trivia and right and wrong answers from the year.

Printable New Year

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How to Win?

If you really want to choose a winner, whoever has the most candy at the end of a set number of rounds around the circle is the winner. But with this game, a winner isn’t really necessary. Kind of like with this saran wrap game , it’s all about just getting candy and having fun.

If you do choose a winner, here are some awesome New Year’s Eve game prizes that would work well for this game.

Download the Free Printable Game

Enter your first name and email address in the pink form below to get a PDF with the game. The PDF will come with two pages – one page of instructions and one page with the game printout.

I recommend printing on white card stock and maybe even laminating if it’s a game you’d like to play again next year! If you do not see the form, click here to get to it .

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This printable New Year

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Don’t forget to pin this New Year’s Eve dice game for later!

This printable New Year