Pajama Party Games and Ideas

Today continues birthday party week and today I’m sharing my favorite part of any party – the pajama party games. While I was planning K’s Pajama Time party I came up with all sorts of fun pajama party games. These would also work great for a sleepover or any other breakfast or morning party. And don’t forget to encourage the kids to wear pajamas! These pajama party ideas work great for young kids, teens, and even adults! And if you have an idea to add, leave me a comment and I’ll try it out at my next pajama party!

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Piñata Pillow Fight (any age)
Everyone loves a piñata and everyone loves pillow fights so try combining the two and having people use a pillow instead of a stick to hit the piñata. It’s also a great way to let kids have a “pillow fight” without actually hitting each other.

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Bedtime Relay Races (any age)
Split your group into two (or more depending on the number of people) teams. Have each team stand at the end of the room and have a bucket of supplies for each team at the other end. When you say go, have one person from each team run to the other end of the room and complete one of the tasks in the bucket that go along with bedtime (e.g., brush your teeth while humming Twinkle Twinkle Little Star or dump out a bucket of toys and put them all back in). Once the first player finishes their task, they run back to their team and the next person on their team runs to the bucket. The first team to complete all of the tasks wins.

Stuff the Pillow Game (best for older kids or teens)
Have all of the kids sit in a circle. In another room, stuff a well-known item (book, shoe, bottle of water, etc.) inside of pillowcase. Pass the pillowcase around the room and have each kid write down what they think is inside. Continue for a set number of rounds and whoever has the most correct at the end wins a prize.

Story Time (best for younger kids)
Who doesn’t love going to the library for story time? Pick out one or two of your kid’s favorite bedtime stories, setup a circle with pillows and blankets, and read to the kids. This would be great as a settling down before opening presents activity or right before parents come to pick up kids.

Fort Building (all ages)
Bring down all sorts of pillows and blankets and let the kids use their imaginations and build a fort to play in using the pillows, blankets, and chairs/tables in a room.

Decorate Pajama Shaped Cookies (2+ years old)
Bake sugar cookies and cut out in the shape of pajamas, beds, or something else sleep related. Let the kids decorate their own cookies with colored icing like their own pajamas and see how creative they can get.

Decorate or Paint Pillowcases (best for older kids)
Buy cheap white pillowcases for each of the party guests and let them decorate them however they want using paint, markers, stamps, etc. This can also double as a great party favor to let them take home rather than giving out small junk.

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Pillowcase Races (best for older kids)
Buy a couple of pillowcases that you don’t mind getting dirty. Split your group into smaller teams that will compete in a pillowcase relay race. When you say go, tell the first person on each team that they have to hop in the pillowcase (like a potato sack) to a line on the other side of the yard or room and back. Once they get back, they will pass the pillowcase to the next person on their team who will hop away. The first team that has everyone finish wins a prize.

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