The Perfect College Student Care Package

Whether you want to send college care packages in the middle of the year or send them to college with one, here Ideas for college care packages Whether you want to send college care packages in the middle of the year or send them to college with one, here’s a great list of what to include in care packages for college students! Ideas for college care packages This post contains affiliate links. If you purchase via these links, I may receive a small commission at no additional cost to you.

It’s only been a few years since my siblings were all in college, and I was putting together college care packages for them!

Now they’re all grown and having babies of their own and instead, I’m sending care packages for college students that I taught during church or baby-sat back in the day!

It’s amazing how fast life goes.

These college care package ideas would not only make great care packages but also great high school graduation gift ideas – just put one together before they go and give it to them before they leave!

What to Put in College Care Packages

Here’s the real question – what do you put in care packages for college students?

I’m going to give you 10 ideas that no matter where they’re going to college or who they are, these ideas should make any college student happy!

Know a college student? Use this list to put together the perfect college student care package to make their day!

1 – Laundry Supplies

Let’s start with the basics – help with the laundry!

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This Proctor & Gamble Laundry Bundle is perfect for college students because it contains everything you need to do 70 loads of laundry – Tide Pods, Downy Fabric Softener, and Bounce Dryer Sheets.

For college students who are used to having my mom do their laundry all the time, they can use all of the help they can get, and this laundry bundle can give them that. I’m pretty sure my closet could use a little laundry bundle right now.

If you know anything about their living situtation, you could also include some quarters for laundromats if you’re going to send something from home rather than directly from Amazon.

2 – School Supplies

Whether it’s books, notebooks, pens, or even something bigger like a new keyboard, a tablet, when you’re going through tons of school supplies, it never hurts to have more!

These are my absolute favorite pens – they write SO even and smooth! But it’s a college student, so you could always do some pretty pens and notebooks instead!

Even better if you make them personalized notebooks like the coiled Erin Condren ones . I have a bunch of those and LOVE them.

3 – Reusable Water Bottle

If you’re sending from home, you could also fill up that reusable water bottle with coins, treats, or something else. Make it a two for one gift!

I personally love the HydroFlask water bottles for keeping my drinks cold (all night long!) but you could also just send them a typical CamelBak one or something cheaper.

4 – Music

I don’t know about you but both my husband and I listen to music while we work and study. I’m pretty sure college students do too (we did!).

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Since sending CDs isn’t really a thing anymore, you could include a gift card for iTunes or a paid subscription to one of the music streaming services like Apple Music, Spotify, or Pandora for them to listen to their favorite music all day long!

5 – A Board Game

There is nothing better for meeting friends than hosting a game night! Board games are one of my personal favorite ways to connect with people, and I still have memories from playing games (hello Sorry!) with my best friends all night long!

These are some of my favorite board games for adults and these are great board games for groups !

15 of the best board games for groups of all sizes including board games for 2 players, board games for lots of players, and more. Lots of great game ideas including ones I

6 – Restaurant Gift Card

Figure out one of their favorite restaurants (actual sit-down, takeout, or even fast food) and send along a food gift card for them to pick up something to eat. Great for dates, picking up dinner when they need to study, or ordering out!

Another easy option might be something like Grub Hub or DoorDash but the delivery fees tend to be higher than college students want to pay, especially if they can just go grab something nearby!

Need ideas? Here are a bunch of restaurant gift cards to help you get started!

7 – Something Comfy

Whether it’s cozy socks, a new hoodie, a warm blanket for their room, or even just a picture from home – send something that can help them make a little more comfortable away from home.

I just recommend making sure it’s neutral colored if you’re going to send something specific like a blanket or picture frame, unless you already know what they’re room decor looks like!

Five must-haves for runners including the coolest Feetures! running socks!

8 – Snacks

You can never go wrong with sending their favorite snacks! Whether you send an actual snack box like this or just pick up some things from the grocery store to send, snacks can make every day a little better.

9 – Hugs & Kisses

This is a silly one but adding in something sentimental and sweet like bags of Hershey Hugs & Kisses is almost as good as sending a real hug! Homemade treats are always a big hit too – just make sure they ship fast enough to still be good when they arrive!

Worried about them being fresh enough to ship? Try a cookie delivery box like this one!

10 – Something Ridiculous

Whether it’s an inside joke, something just outright funny, or something downright ridiculous – one of the goals of college care packages is to make the person smile.

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Make sure to include something that will do just that! It could be these F-R-I-E-N-D-S stickers if they’re a big fan of the show or maybe a mug with a quote from their favorite band. Just something to let them know you know them and are thinking about them!

11 – A Themed Gift Basket

Okay so I know I said 10 but I had to include this one. If you really are struggling with ideas, try one of these themed gift basket ideas. It makes picking out things for the college care packages easier and anything with a theme is always fun!

Don’t forget to pin these college care packages for later!

Know a college student? Use this list to put together the perfect college student care package to make their day!