Places to Enjoy the Outdoors in Ocala Florida

One of the biggest draws to Ocala, Florida is the beautiful weather all year long. Spring and fall in particular are just gorgeous with temperatures that are neither too hot or too cold. It’s the ideal weather for spending your time outdoors and luckily Ocala, Florida has plenty of places to do just that. These are just a few of my favorites places to enjoy the outdoors in Ocala.

Outdoor Activities in Ocala, Florida

Silver Springs State Park

There are various springs throughout Ocala with the Silver Springs State Park the largest and the oldest. It’s been a historical landmark since 1870 and Florida’s first tourist attraction, long before anyone had ever heard of amusement parks. There are days I miss that type of laid back Florida Travel .

At Silver Springs you have the chance to enjoy nature in a variety of ways including everything from hiking to sailing over the lake in a glass-bottom boat. For the more adventurous, there are also kayaks and canoes to rent to row your way closer to the beautiful scenery. Or take a guided tour for an up-close look at the diverse wildlife and plant life throughout the area.

You can find more information about Silver Springs State Park and the other springs in the area here.


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Sholom Park

Sholom Park is one of the most peaceful ones I’ve ever been in. It’s quiet, tranquil, and a great place to take a walk and just enjoy the beauty of your surroundings. With various lakes, plenty of paths, and a serene feeling throughout the park, I definitely recommend it for anyone looking for relaxation and peace.


Canyons Zip Line & Canopy Tours

One of my favorite ways to enjoy the outdoors is to zip across them. I’ve been zip lining throughout the world (even on a cruise ship!) and Zip the Canyons is still one of my favorite places to go. With the longest over water zip in Florida and gorgeous scenery, Zip the Canyons is a great way to zip across nature on a spring day.

Or if zip lining isn’t your thing, they also offer horseback riding throughout the gorgeous park. Make sure to wave from your horse at the people zipping high above! The Canyons is right by plenty of Ocala/Marion County Lodging making it a great morning or afternoon activity with plenty of time for other activities during the day.

Zip the Canyons Look Out

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Horseback Riding

I wrote an entire post about why Ocala was named the horse capital of the world in 2007 and how Ocala is a horse lover’s haven. Even if you’ve never been on a horse before or haven’t been in years, going on a horse back ride throughout one of the beautiful Ocala forests would be a great adventure for everyone.

With everything from easy trail rides for beginners to more advanced options for true riders, you’ll love galloping through the beautiful scenery in a region designed for horse fanatics.

Or skip the horse back ride altogether and visit one of the award-winning horse farms in the area or even the Gypsy Gold Farm to hear the history behind the champion breed, Gypsy Vanner horses. ocala-date-night-ideas-6

Other Ways to Enjoy the Outdoors in Ocala

Horses, zip lines, state parks, and local parks are just a few of the ways you can enjoy nature through Ocala/Marion County Activities and some of my personal favorites from my recent weekend trip to Ocala .

If you’ll be visiting for longer or need more outdoor activities in Ocala, the Marion County/Ocala website has a fantastic section full of outdoor adventure ideas from boating to birding and everything in between. Ocala-Nature-3

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