Princess Party Games Girls Will Love

20 princess party games that girls will love, perfect party games for girls and princess lovers from

Your girls will love all of these princess party games, they’re perfect for a princess party, FROZEN party , or even just a fun girl party! Play one of these princess games or play them all for one princess worthy party!

20 princess party games that girls will love, perfect party games for girls and princess lovers from #DisneySide

Just because I’m a boy mom doesn’t mean that I don’t like to come up with girly ideas every once in a while. I actually love girly stuff, especially when it comes to movies.

I went and saw Cinderella with my mom in of those amazingly comfy movie theaters that has the whole lay down chair thing. Amazing right? Both the chairs and the movie.

Anyway, I thought it would be fun to create some fun princess party games inspired by some of my favorite Disney princesses, including Cinderella.

I’ve put the princess that inspired the game if there is one in parenthesis in case you have no idea how I came up with the idea. There are a couple of ways you can play these games – individuals vs. the clock, individuals vs. individuals, or teams vs. teams. You can get all the instructions in my minute to win it games post .

Princess Party Games

Princess Games Specific to a Princess

Let Down Your Hair (Rapunzel)
Give each player a chopstick or other stick that has yellow yarn wrapped around it (each player should have the amount of yarn) and have them compete to see who can unwrap the yarn the fastest.

20 princess party games that girls will love, perfect party games for girls and princess lovers from

Pan the Man (Rapunzel)
Set up a pyramid of plastic cups with a small action figure on top ( these Flynn ones would be the best) and have girls take turns throwing a toy frying pan at the cups trying to knock the cups over and the man off the cups.

Magic carpet race (Jasmine)
Setup an obstacle course of things on the floor like tiaras, heels, tutus, etc. Each player must sit on a magic carpet (or princess towel like this one ) and scoot around the obstacle course. Fastest player to finish wins.

Silly Color Changing Dress (Sleeping Beauty)
This is best as a team game. Split into three teams and give each team a different color of silly string (blue, pink, or purple). Have the girls chase each other trying to shoot each other with silly string.

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If someone gets hit, they then have to put down their can of silly string and pick up one with the color they were hit with and switch over to the other team. The first team to get everyone onto their team wins. I recommend buying the silly string in bulk like this package since you’ll probably need a decent amount.

Defeat the Dragon (Sleeping Beauty)
Blow up 25 balloons and fill them each with a sticker, five of those (or however many girls you have playing) being stickers of dragons ( these cutesy dragon stickers would be great). Give girls a toy sword ( this six-pack would be perfect ) and have them pop balloons until they pop one with a dragon inside.

Target Practice (Merida)
Give each a toy bow & arrow and setup a target for the girls to shoot at. Players have to try and either get a bulls-eye or hit the target three times before the time is up.

Pick the Prince (Tiana)
Before the party make chocolate frogs using molds like these ones . Inside of a couple of the chocolate frogs put a surprise. Have girls take turns picking one frog and eating it until they choose one that has the surprise “prince” inside.

Pin the Mirror on the Wall (Snow White)
Blindfold girls and have them take turns trying to pin paper mirrors on a specific spot on the wall (maybe use stickers like these ones or make an X out of this princess duct tape ), closest to the spot gets a prize.

Save the FROZEN Princesses (Elsa & Anna)
Before the party freeze mini Disney princesses like these ones (and don’t forget Anna & Elsa ) into a large block of ice. Give each girl or team one of the blocks of ice and the first team to save their frozen princesses by getting them out of the ice wins.

20 princess party games that girls will love, perfect party games for girls and princess lovers from

Do You Wanna Build a Snowman (Elsa & Anna)
Setup a station for each team (or individual) with three marshmallows, three chocolate chips, three pretzel sticks, two googly eyes, and one carrot sliver. Have girls run a relay race (one person on the team goes at a time) to put together the snowman, so the first girl would run down and setup the first marshmallow, the second person the second marshmallow, etc. Girls can only put on one piece at a time before returning to their team.

The Last Rose Petal (Belle)
Give each girl 2-3 rose balloons like these ones and see who can keep their “roses” up the longest. Last person to let their rose petals fall wins. Or time the girls and tell them they have to keep the balloons in the air for 1 minute to win.

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If the Shoe Fits (Cinderella)
Before the game starts have each of the girls on a team put their shoes into a pile then have the girls on the team line up in a single file line. Have the girls run a relay race where one player runs to the pile of shoes, finds their shoe, puts it back on, then runs back to the team so another player can go.

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The Matching Glass Slipper (Cinderella)
Before the party, add colored dots to pairs of glass slippers like these ones so that each pair has a different colored dot. For the game, give one slipper to each girl and hide one dot in a bucket full of sand or rice.

Have girls dig until they find the glass slipper that matches their own. If you’d rather not buy as many glass slippers, you could also just give the girl a color and tell them to find the glass slipper that matches.

Kiss the Girl (Ariel)
Have girls take turns tossing Hershey kisses and trying to get them to land on Disney princess stickers that are stuck on a piece of poster board that’s lying flat on the ground. If the girl lands a kiss on one of the princesses, they win. Try these larger stickers if you want it to be easier or these smaller ones if you want it to be more of a challenge. Make sure to leave space between stickers so they don’t always “kiss the girl.”

Complete Your Collection (Ariel)
Fill a large tupperware full of sand and hide all of the items on the list below. Time teams as they race to be the first to find all of the items to complete their collection in the bucket of sand.

  • Fork
  • Mirror
  • Jewelry
  • Thimble
  • Candleholder
  • Pottery/dish
  • Chess piece
  • Watch/clock of some kind
  • Mug

Princess Games that Work for Any Princess

Sing A Long (Any)
Cut out the words to a favorite princess song like any of the ones on this Disney Princess collection . Scramble them up and give them to a team. Have the girls put the words in order of the song and then sing the song together to win.

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Give it a Twirl (Any)
Give each team a pretty twirling skirt or tutu and setup an obstacle course for each team. One player from each must put on the twirling skirt and twirl in a circle from the line to the other end, twirling all the way through the obstacle course. When they reach the other side, come back and the next person goes. These dress-up tutus would be fantastic for this!

Pretty Pretty Princess (Any)
Split the girls into teams and have them line up in a single-file line. Fill a box up with princess dress-up items like cheap tiaras , these twirling tutus , and plastic beads like these ones and set it across from the teams.

Players should choose one person on their team to be the princess and everyone else will be the runners. All of the other players will take turns running from their line to the box on the other side of the room and picking out an item of clothing to dress up their princess. First team to dress their princess with all of the items wins.

20 princess party games that girls will love, perfect party games for girls and princess lovers from

Build A Castle (Any)
Give each team of girls a certain amount of princess colored Legos ( these ones would be perfect! ) or blocks and have them race to be the first to build a castle using all of their blocks, bonus points to the team that builds the highest castle with all of their pieces.

Toss the Tiara (Any)
Have the girls toss tiaras around mason jars or plastic champagne glasses like these ones and see who can be the first team to get one around the jar. These tiaras are the perfect size to toss around mason jars or the champagne glasses.

Printable Princess Games

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