Printable Roll a Cupcake Game

This printable roll a cupcake game is one of the best birthday party games! It

This roll a cupcake game is great for birthday parties or an indoor activity for kids! Simply print out the game and play!

Printed out roll a cupcake game

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With all of the birthday parties at home right now, I thought it’d be fun to share a birthday themed game that you can play as a family right at home!

Or one that you could send to friends and play together virtually.

This roll a cupcake game is just that. Similar to this roll a dinosaur game or this roll a jack o lantern one, you roll the dice and to be the first one to complete your cupcake.

Or if you don’t want to race, you simply roll the dice and try to finish your cupcake.

And don’t forget to provide some real cupcakes for people to enjoy after they play!

Roll a Cupcake Game Supplies

For everyone playing this game, you’ll need to provide:

  • One six-sided die
  • One roll a cupcake printable dice sheet (get the free download below)
  • Cut out roll a cupcake toppings (included in the free download below)
  • Cupcakes to enjoy after (optional)
Supplies for roll a cupcake game

How to Play Roll A Cupcake

You can either play in this in an everyone wins, just have fun, type game or you can play this in a bit more competitive way. Choose your option based on who is playing – the older the kids, the more likely they’ll do better with a little competition.

1 – Everyone win rules

When you say go, everyone rolls their die. If they roll a 1 or a 6, they can put their cupcake wrapper onto the page. If they don’t roll a 1 or 6, they need to continue rolling until they do.

Once they roll a 1, they then continue rolling trying to get a 2 or 6 to place their cupcake flavor on top of the wrapper.

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Continue rolling until they’ve rolled the numbers 1 through 5 in order and decorated their cupcake with the dice.

Here are the numbers and their associated items that are included in the printable.

  1. Cupcake wrapper
  2. Flavor
  3. Icing
  4. Sprinkles
  5. Topping – this could be a candle, fruit, something else that’s left
  6. Player’s choice

You’ll notice that the 6 is “player’s choice,” which basically means wild – they can choose the next cupcake piece in order instead of having to roll the exact number.

Roll a cupcake dice numbers

2 – Fastest win rules

For this version of the game, you’ll do basically the same thing. The one difference is that it’s the person who completes their cupcakes the quickest that wins, kind of like in this roll a rainbow game .

To do this, you can either have people roll their die one at a time and everyone sees what other people roll – this definitely can extend the playing time.

Or you can have everyone roll at once but just one roll at a time and then pause until everyone has completed that round’s roll.

Or you can just have people go as fast as they can, rolling like crazy, until they complete their cupcake.

Roll a Cupcake Prize Options

Like with any game, especially with birthday party games , it’s always fun to have little prizes. Here are just a few options, things you could even drop off with the game if you wanted to do a little birthday party in a box for friends to celebrate via Zoom!

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These are if you don’t want to just give out cupcakes because cupcakes are always a good option!

Download the Roll A Cupcake Game Here

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This printable roll a cupcake game is one of the best birthday party games! It