Printable Summer Lego Challenge Ideas

Printed summer lego challenge ideas with text for Pinterest Printed summer lego challenge ideas with text for Pinterest

These summer Lego challenge ideas will get kids using their imaginations and all their Legos this summer! With thirty different summer themed building ideas, kids can do something once a day for a month or pick and choose all summer long!

Printed summer lego challenge ideas

With camps closed, pools closed, and more and more kids at home this summer – I’m guessing everyone will be looking for ways to keep the kids entertained.

I mean it’s only been two weeks and we’ve already played all of these water games , played about a million of these board games for kids , and caught all of the sharks available on our Animal Crossing island.

One of my favorite boredom busters for kids is to give them a pile of Legos and ask them to build something.

But sometimes it’s hard to come up with things for them to build.

This challenge can help with just that. Instead of having to come up with new ideas – simply print out the printable summer Lego challenge guide and hand it over.

No more coming up with crazy things to challenge the kids, just have them pick one and go for it!

Summer Lego Challenge Ideas

One of the things that I love most about doing Lego challenges (like this Easter Lego challenge we did earlier this year) is that there is no right or wrong Lego combination.

group board games for adults

It’s about creativity and imagination.

The only thing I would say is that if you’re planning to do some Lego challenges, I recommend getting a basic color Lego set like this one so that if your kids are anything like mine and really like to build Lego sets, they don’t have to take those apart.

And then you have all sorts of fun colors to use for these challenges!

One thing to note before you get started with these Lego challenge ideas – the goal is that these are easy enough for any age (that’s Lego ready of course). If you have older kids, their beach scene may look much different than a 5-year-old.

Beach chairs on top of lego challenge ideas

How to Do a Lego Challenge

I know many of you have probably done a Lego challenge before, but I like to mix things up.

So whether you’ve done a Lego challenge or haven’t, here are three fun ways to use this printable this summer!

1 – Do a 30 Day Lego Challenge

Pick a starting day and have kids either go from 1-30 or just pick one off the list that they want to build that day.

Then the next day build another one until they’ve built them all.

If you think having to choose one will be too complicated, you can also cut out the blocks and put them in a cup to pick out what they have to build that day too. We’ve done that and it works well.

Summer Lego challenge printable with Legos

2 – Make it a marathon Lego Day

Instead of breaking them up into one challenge a day, why not spend a few hours building Legos and see if you can go through all the challenges in one day?

Maybe do the Lego challenge ideas listed on the printable and then try some of these other Lego party games as a fun addition. Make it an all-out Lego day!

If your kids are competitive, you could also see who can get through all of the challenges the quickest but fair warning, this might cause arguing and less imagination.

3 – Couple challenges with activities

Want to add another element of fun?

Couple the summer Lego challenge ideas with corresponding activities for the day. You could try any of the activities on this summer bucket list or I’ve included an idea for each of the challenge ideas below as well.

  1. Sailboat – make your own little sailboats and race them in a river somewhere
  2. Beach Pail – Go to a beach or play in a sandbox
  3. Beach Scene – Plan a beach getaway even if it’s just a virtual one to somewhere like Gulf Shores or Daytona Beach
  4. Fish – make these ocean blue popsicles complete with gummy fish
  5. Beach Villa – forget the fort, make an indoor or outdoor homemade beach villa instead
  6. Sunset scene – grab some snacks and watch the sunset as a family
  7. Starfish – Make these star pie pizzas or some other star snack or craft
  8. Flip Flops – decorate your own flip flops (like the cheap kind you can get at Old Navy)
  9. Ice Cream – go out for ice cream or make your own like this strawberry sorbet .
  10. Sliced watermelon – eat watermelon and have a watermelon seed spitting contest
  11. Colorful umbrellas – If it’s raining, go for a walk in the rain and splash in puddles. If it’s not, how about doing a rain cloud science experiment instead!
  12. Colorful beach ball – See how long you can keep the beach ball in the air as a group. Even better if you have a way to play in the pool – it’s one of our favorite swimming pool games !
  13. Floaties – Do some science experiments to see what things float and what things sink
  14. Octopus – Go to an aquarium or watch a virtual field trip all about octopuses
  15. Sand Castle – build a sand castle!
  16. Coconut Tree – Make pina coladas or have coconut chicken with coconut rice for dinner
  17. Swimsuit – grab your swimsuit and head outside for water play or swimming
  18. Pineapple – Make pineapple shish kebabs , pineapple monkey bread , or this coconut pineapple bread.
  19. Ship’s Wheel – Use cardboard boxes to build your own ships and sail the high seas or just try one of these pirate party ideas at home instead
  20. Anchor – make this anchor craft or give our goodies to friends with the fun tags
  21. Surf Board – Watch a surfing movie like Surf’s Up
  22. Crab – have crab walk races
  23. Island – have you heard of Animal Crossing? Spend time on your own private island there!
  24. Spell B-E-A-C-H – Play some spelling games or just go back to the beach
  25. Boat Dock – Get out on the water in some way or just float boats in the bathtub or inflatable kiddie pool
  26. Glass of lemonade – make this strawberry lavender lemonade or these strawberry lemonade popsicles
  27. Sunglasses – go for a walk outside making sure to wear your sunglasses. Try something like this neighborhood scavenger hunt or nature scavenger hunt while you’re at it!
  28. Lifeguard Post – go to the pool whether it’s a city pool, neighborhood pool, or even just your own backyard
  29. Sea Turtle – Watch a natural geographic show on sea turtles or go to somewhere like the zoo where you can see them in real life
  30. Sun Hat – Get outside and try any of these outdoor games
Lego turtle on top of summer Lego challenges printable

Other Summer Activities for Kids

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Printed summer lego challenge ideas with text for Pinterest