Printable Thanksgiving Charades Game

Tons of free printable Thanksgiving charades words! Perfect for kids or adults and one of the best Thanksgiving games ever!

This Thanksgiving charades game is a fun one for the whole family! Perfect to get everyone moving and laughing after being loaded down with turkey!

Tons of free printable Thanksgiving charades words! Perfect for kids or adults and one of the best Thanksgiving games ever!

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Thanksgiving Charades

I’m a big fan of charades – really any type of charades game. We play pretty much every holiday and I like to think I’m an expert at the guessing part. As long as the acting is good.

I’m also a big fan of Thanksgiving and playing Thanksgiving games with my family after we eat. And doing Thanksgiving activities with the kids while the other adults are cooking delicious food like the best Thanksgiving stuffing !

One year we played this family feud game and this year we’re going to do this gratitude Skittles game around the dinner table.

It’s safe to say games are a big part of our Thanksgiving.

Thanksgiving Charades Supplies

The best thing about charades is that you really don’t need much to play. For this Thanksgiving charades game I recommend:

  • Printable Thanksgiving charades words – get the free download at the bottom of this post
  • A cup or a bowl – You’ll put the charades words in this
  • One minute timer – You can either use a sand timer or an actual electronic timer like this one
  • Paper or poster board This will be used to keep score, best to have a big poster board if you want people to always know what the score is
  • Sharpie – To write the score on the poster board

Thanksgiving charades word chart

How to Play this Thanksgiving Charades Game

One thing I love most about charades is that it’s a game you can seriously just decide to play last minute and be ready to play five minutes later. Having these Thanksgiving charades topics ready for you makes it even easier.

I’ve included instructions on how to play the traditional charades game below but if you want to amp it up – I highly recommend trying out one of these unique charades ideas as well! You can watch the video below to see some of the different charades games you can play!

Just use the Thanksgiving charades words from this post instead of the Halloween ones!

1 – Print and cut out your Thanksgiving words.

The printable PDF at the bottom of this post has different words you can use for Thanksgiving charades! Simply print out the pages of the PDF, cut out the words, fold them up, and put them in a bowl.

Cut out Thanksgiving charades topics

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2 – Divide into teams.

Divide your group into two teams. You can divide however you want – by age, by gender, by family. Totally up to you – just make sure the teams are even in size. And I’d say skill but you just never know who is going to be good at charades or not. People surprise you.

3 – Pick a team to go first.

That team will pick someone from their team to act first. That person comes up to the front of the room and when you say go, they pick a slip from the cup, and act out the word until the team guesses it.

No props or words but they can do things like sounds like by pointing to their ear before acting out a word, etc.

Here’s where you have some choices. You can either play that the one person has a minute to act out one word and see if they’re team can guess it. Once they guess it the time stops and the team gets a point.

OR you can see how many words the team can get the other team to guess in a minute, as many as possible. If you’re doing this, you can either have one person keep acting out words or you can have whoever guessed the word come up and act out the next word.

Keep going until the minute runs out and count up how many words were guessed correctly.

4 – Let the other team have a turn.

Repeat the same process with the other team.

5 – Repeat. Repeat. Repeat.

Keep playing until everyone on the team has had a turn to act at least once. Feel free to keep going if you’re having a blast and have the time!

Thanksgiving charades topics with leaves

Download the Free Printable Thanksgiving Charades Topics

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More Fun Thanksgiving Ideas

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Tons of free printable Thanksgiving charades words! Perfect for kids or adults and one of the best Thanksgiving games ever!