Super Superhero Party

September was superhero month at our house! It started with the awesome Captain America party at the beginning of the month and ended with this fun superhero party at the end of the month.

All sorts of superhero party ideas for your little superheroes from

I had so much fun planning this party using the superhero printable collection from Forever Your Prints. And best of all, I finally got to sit back and enjoy a party as the super talented Maria Healey photographed the party for me. So let’s talk superhero party details because this was a really fun one.

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All sorts of superhero party ideas for your little superheroes from

Rather than starting with the fun dessert table, we’re going to start with all of the other fun details so you don’t think I just feed kids sugar all day long every day. I do that but typically not until after I’ve already attempted to feed them fruits and veggies. Anyway, back to the party.

When kids arrived at the party, they were sent to the costume corner to find the most incredible handmade capes and masks from Megan at Confetti Couture Events displayed in front of a fun superhero backdrop from Michelle’s Party Plan-It .

I absolutely love how Megan matched the patterns from the printable designs (polka dots, stripes, etc.) on the capes rather than using the typical solid colored fabric. Each kid was given a cape and mask that was personalized with their initial and a name tag so they knew whose was whose.

All sorts of superhero party ideas for your little superheroes from All sorts of superhero party ideas for your little superheroes from

Once they were all ready in their costumes, everyone got a lunchbox of “superhero snacks” that included a sandwich, super fruit punch drink, fruits, veggies, and of course, superhero fruit snacks.

I spread out the superhero blankets that I bought for my Captain America party on the ground, and we all ate a yummy lunch to give ourselves superhero power for the rest of the party. The kids were just a little excited about the superhero fruit snacks.

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After lunch each of the kids were given one of these awesome superhero tote bags from Oriental Trading company, aka superhero packs, full of goodies for the next activity – silly string, balls, frisbees, and a custom made superhero water bottle from Tutus and Bowties Events . Those water bottles were a huge hit with the kids. Who knew adding a little vinyl could make such a big difference. And then we headed over to bad guy alley where I’d setup three scary looking foam heads on top of big boxes that my friend turned into skyscraper buildings for her son’s party. The kids took turns (sort of) beating up the bad guys with their silly string, balls, and eventually just by knocking over the boxes. Such a simple activity that the kids absolutely loved. All sorts of superhero party ideas for your little superheroes from After the kids had successfully defeated the bad guys, it was time for dessert. I set the party table with a bright red tablecloth and a custom made superhero cape tablecloth from Cupcake and Character . Isn’t it so fun? I told her that I wanted a table runner that looked like a cape, and she nailed it. It even feels like I’d imagine a cape to feel although you’ll have to take my word for that one. All sorts of superhero party ideas for your little superheroes from

Behind the table and around the yard, I put oversized superhero cutouts from Oriental Trading Company. Oriental Trading Company has the best superhero prop collection, it was so hard not ordering all of it!

The party table was filled with all sorts of yummy superhero treats all centered around the gorgeous cake that Maria from Simply Sweet designed to match the printables. The cake was plated on top of the coolest superhero cone holder from Oriental Trading Company and topped with printouts from the printables . All around the cake base, I placed meringues from Sweets & Treats Design Studio that looked like superhero “POW” bubbles in polka dot cups from Celebration Lane . Need more cake ideas including some awesome superhero ones? These 112+ birthday cake ideas that boys will love can help!

All sorts of superhero party ideas for your little superheroes from Superhero cake idea

On either side of the cake, I placed my superhero foam head treat pop holders . You can make your own superhero foam heads with this tutorial . One side was filled with the yummiest candy kabobs from Sweets Indeed , seriously my new favorite treat.

On the other side, Niecey’s Sweets made me some colored cake pops, and I covered them with superhero masks from the printable set to turn them into superhero cake pops. At all times during the party, K either had a cake pop or a candy kabob piece in hand. He’s a sucker for anything on a stick.

To round out the sweets, the dessert table also included the coolest superhero cookies from Cara Bella Creations, chocolate covered Oreos from Sweet & Treats Design Studio , cupcakes with toppers matching the printables from Harriet’s House of Cakes , and red and blue gum balls from Oriental Trading Company. Aren’t those mask cookies just perfect? I love everything about it all.

Finally, I included small water bottles with labels from the printable collection to help wash down all of the sweets. Each of the water bottles had a flag and matching striped straw from Celebration Lane . And you can’t have a party without favors, so each of the guests were sent home with these awesome little cone favors from Sweet Scoops Celebrations and superhero favor boxes from Oriental Trading Company that were full of fun little superhero goodies. I set all of the favors on this incredible skyscraper stand from Oriental Trading Company. The thing was HUGE and perfect for all of the kids’ goodies.