The Ultimate Weekend Packing List

The ultimate weekend packing list whether you

Trying to decide what to pack for a weekend trip ? These three free printable weekend packing list checklists are perfect for a girls weekend, romantic weekend getaway, or even a beach weekend with the family! Perfect for anyone who needs help packing for a weekend trip – no matter the occasion or destination!

The ultimate weekend packing list whether you
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While I normally prefer to travel for longer time periods, I’ve been doing a lot of weekend getaways ever since my son started school last fall. You just can’t get up and leave for weeks at a time when it means taking the kids out of school. Especially back in Texas where the attendance policies are strict!

And now that I have a brand new baby, it feels like weekend trips are going to be a new standard. It’s a lot easier to leave (or travel with) a small baby at home for a few days than a few weeks.

Goodbye Europe and hello Gulf Shores .

After going on so many weekend trips (hello Daytona Beach and a Galveston ) in the past few years, I feel like an expert in packing for a weekend trip these days. That expertise even worked when I had no idea where I was going or what I was doing during our surprise vacation earlier this year!

Weekend Packing List

The secret to packing for a weekend trip is to try and pack as light as possible while still being prepared for all of your activities. I’ve broken packing into four different categories of outfits to make it easier.

party games for large group
  • Travel/Casual Wear – Comfortable clothes that are still nice enough for a casual dinner out the day you arrive or morning activities the day you leave
  • Activity Wear – Don’t mistake this for active (workout) gear. Activity wear should be packed based on what you’re actually doing in your destination. Going to the beach? Bring beach wear. Going to the spa – bring spa wear. Check out my recommendations for three different weekend getaways below.
  • Night Out Wear – This could be for a fancy dinner, a night out with the girls, or a nicer dinner with your family – something that’s a step up from your casual clothes.
  • Comfy Wear – These are the add-on outfits – PJs, bathing suit, lingerie, etc.

If you bring clothes to fit all of these categories, you’re golden no matter what you’re going.

Now let’s look at three examples of how to pack for a weekend trip – a romantic weekend, a girls weekend, and a family beach weekend to be exact. I’ve also included free printable weekend trip packing lists for each of these scenarios so you don’t forget anything!

Other than the four categories listed above, the one thing in common for all three packing lists is good bras. A good bra can make the difference between feeling supported and confident and well, not.

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Cacique bras are perfect for a weekend packing list

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Women of various sizes wearing Cacique bras

Romantic Weekend Packing List

Let’s start it out with a bang – a romantic weekend getaway.

Your husband planned a romantic weekend in Napa Valley filled with hot air balloons, a fancy dinner, and an afternoon touring a man-made castle. Or maybe you’re headed to New York City for a Broadway show, day exploring Central Park, and of course a delicious dinner!

Wherever you’re headed, this romantic weekend getaway packing list should help.

These are just examples of what to pack – get the full weekend trip packing checklist at the bottom of this post!

The perfect weekend packing list for a 3 day spring or summer romantic weekend getaway! Ideal if you want to travel light and are going the city, mountains, or even on a road trip!

Romantic Weekend Travel Outfit

You’re most likely traveling with your significant other so unlike when you’re traveling with kids, you can likely dress a little nicer than normal. Casual, comfortable, with a few accessories. And don’t forget to bring a notebook or book to keep you busy on the plane!

You also want to be able to wear this outfit to dinner or whatever you do when you arrive in your destination so keep that in mind when packing. If you go with shorts and are going to dinner somewhere a little nicer, bring a skirt to change in to when you get to the airport or hotel!

Outfit for a romantic weekend getaway

Romantic Weekend Activity Outfit

Unless you’re planning on hiking or doing something really active during your romantic weekend away, your best bet for an outfit that works well for most activities is a sundress with some flirty accessories to dress it up a bit while still keeping it casual.

  • Sundress
  • Cardigan (in case it gets cold)
  • Colorful jewelry and accessories
  • Colorful flats or low heels
  • A pretty patterned bra like this one to make you feel a bit more flirty

Romantic weekend getaway outfit example

Romantic Weekend Night Out Outfit

On a romantic weekend getaway, you may have one or two nights out with your significant other. This is your chance to really get dressed to impress. And besides, it’s fun to get all dolled up once in a while!

  • Sexy dress
  • Heels
  • Bold makeup (this is your moment for the red lipstick!)
  • A half up or full updo – don’t forget the bobby pins!
  • A fancy clutch or bag
  • A sexy backsmoother balconette bra like this one in the bright pink lemonade color

Romantic Weekend Comfy Outfit

After your fancy night out, it’s time to change into something a little more comfortable.

Along with their comfortable bras, Cacique also offers a great line of lingerie for all curve sizes and shapes with select intimate pieces available in sizes 0-28!

I have this purple lace piece but any of these would work for a romantic night in the hotel as well!

Lingerie for a romantic weekend getaway

Girls Weekend Packing List

One of my favorite types of weekend trips is a girls weekend. A girls getaway weekend is the best way to recover from the stress of everyday momming, a great way to catch up with your favorite gal pals, and the perfect excuse to do things your significant other may never do!

Think of a weekend enjoying the spa and sand in Sandestin or maybe a quick trip to Anna Maria Island for good food and fun!

Same thing – here are some examples of what to pack for a girls weekend – get the full weekend packing checklist in printable form at the bottom of this post.

The perfect weekend packing list for a 3 day girls getaway that goes in a carry on! Perfect for a minimalist who still wants to bring cute outfits for exploring a new city! The ultimate girls weekend packing list!

Girls Weekend Travel Outfit

For a girls weekend, you’re more likely than not flying from different places to one destination. And who knows – it might be the first time you’ve seen your girlfriends in weeks, months, maybe even years. Or at least that’s how most of my girls weekends are!

Travel comfy and cute.

  • Romper or comfortable sundress
  • Flats
  • Simple jewelry that won’t set off the metal detectors
  • Light makeup (don’t want to seem like you’re trying too hard)
  • A solid colored t-shirt bra that won’t show any lines or patterns under your dress

And don’t forget to bring a notebook for writing down your thoughts or one of these great young adult books on your flight!

Girls weekend travel outfit

Girls Weekend Activity Outfit

Since every girls weekend needs a trip to the spa (I recommend this mud bath experience ), I included an outfit specific to a spa day! If you’re just doing a massage and not a full spa day, make sure to bring another sundress or casual outfit to change into after your treatment!

  • Swimsuit (for lounging by the pool at the spa) – I love this ruffle one
  • Swimsuit cover up or this silky robe to wear around the spa
  • Sunglasses
  • Pampering tools (to freshen up after any treatments)
  • Spa sandals

Girls weekend outfit for a spa day

Girls Weekend Night Out Outfit

Time to dress up! A dress, heels, and some bold makeup if perfect for this outfit. You could even pay a little extra at the spa to get your hair and/or makeup done before your night out on the town.

Girls weekend night out outfit

Girls Weekend Comfy Outfit

Just like the spa, a gab session is a requirement of any girls weekend. Whether it’s on Sunday morning before a delicious Sunday brunch or Saturday night after your night out, it’s almost a given!

You may not think that PJs are cute but these joggers definitely are! And they’re comfy to boot – pack PJs you don’t mind wearing with other people!

  • Comfortable pajamas like these floral joggers
  • Graphic tee
  • A comfortable bra like this t-shirt bra in a basic color (unless you’re one of those people who can go bra free, then more power to you)
  • Masks, games, or something else to do during girl talk

And don’t forget the eye mask and ear plugs if you’re sharing a room during your trip!

Girls weekend packing list

Beach Weekend Packing List

I’ve already put together the ultimate beach packing list, but this one specifically works for a weekend beach getaway. And specifically a family beach getaway with the kids! Because that’s a whole different animal than a beach trip with your girlfriends or significant other!

Same thing here – my suggestions on what to pack – get the full weekend packing checklist at the very bottom of this post!

The ultimate summer beach weekend packing list! Perfect for kids, for teens, or for moms traveling with either! Pack it all in a carry on or check a suitcase even if you like to travel light.

Beach Weekend Travel Outfit

Okay so this one really has nothing to do with the fact that you’re going to the beach other than I recommend that you dress in something that’s not going to be too warm when you get to your destination.

This outfit is all about traveling with kids , which is a post all in itself. You’ll likely be bending, moving, and reaching over in ways you wouldn’t when traveling with adults, and my outfit recommendations are based on this!

  • Comfortable t-shirt that’s long enough to not show anything off when you’re doing all that bending
  • Comfortable shorts or leggings
  • A t-shirt bra that will stay comfortable no matter what position you end up in on the plane
  • An eye mask (if you have older kids and want to sleep a bit)
  • Cookies or another treat for your sanity
  • A book or magazine to try and read (ha!)

A travel outfit for a beach weekend

Beach Weekend Activity Outfit

You’re at the beach so obviously this one is all about beach day! If you need a new swimsuit, Cacique’s swimsuits are both colorful and curve-friendly – whether your curves are big or small! I also adore that their swimsuits are made with built-in cups, perfect for supporting the girls even on a long day at the beach!

Bring all of these beach essentials and make sure to dress comfortable enough to build sandcastles, jump over the waves, and actually play with your kids.

  • Bathing suit (the bright pattern on this one is my favorite)
  • Swimsuit cover-up
  • Comfortable sandals
  • Sunglasses
  • Towel (who am I kidding, you’ll pack one for you and it’ll get used by one of your kids)
  • Sand/beach toys

Beach weekend getaway outfit

Beach Weekend Night Out Outfit

Even kids get tired of the beach after a while or at least they get hungry. Pack an outfit (or two) for going out to dinner, playing mini-golf on the main strip, or even just doing some souvenir shopping around the town – something you want to do not in a dripping wet bathing suit and coverup!

  • Jeans or jean shorts (depending on how warm it is at night)
  • A casual tank or t-shirt
  • This t-shirt bra in a coordinating color that won’t be seen under the tank
  • A floppy hat to protect from the sun
  • A cute beach bag
  • Simple accessories to make you feel a bit more dressed up

Beach weekend outfit for a weekend packing list

Beach Weekend Comfy Outfit

There’s nothing better on a beach weekend then waking up and eating breakfast on your balcony while looking at the beach below. Or a family game night after ordering local takeout in.

Bring some comfy PJs that you won’t mind being seen in – especially if wherever you’re staying has a free breakfast buffet or a balcony for enjoying the view.

Cacique has a huge line of loungewear that’s both comfortable and cute – like these cute polka dot ones and specifically designed for weekending! I’m pretty sure I could wear most of these all day long!

Weekending PJs for a beach weekend

Download the Free Printable Weekend Packing List

Get all three weekend packing lists with full lists of what to pack for a weekend trip below.

Click here to get the printable packing lists!

The PDF will include three printable packing checklists (the ones seen below) – one for a romantic weekend, one for a beach weekend, and one for a girls weekend! The perfect weekend packing list for a 3 day spring or summer romantic weekend getaway! Ideal if you want to travel light and are going the city, mountains, or even on a road trip!

More Great Packing Tips

I’m not just an expert in packing for weekend trips – I’m pretty good at packing for all occasions. That tends to happen when you travel a lot!

These are some of my favorite packing tips!

The ultimate weekend packing list whether you