Free Printable Thanksgiving i Spy Game

Print out this Thanksgiving i Spy game for a little Thanksgiving fun for the kids! Let kids just complete the game on their own or make it a friendly competition to see who can find all of the Thanksgiving items first!

Printed out Thanksgiving i spy sheet with a pen

I can’t tell you how many times in the past nine months I’ve heard the phrase “I’m bored,” from my oldest son. The little one doesn’t know how to say bored yet, but I’m sure it’s coming soon.

Even with all the toys a boy could ever want , my son is constantly asking for us to entertain him. That’s why I put together this pumpkin activity packet and this month, tons of Thanksgiving activities just for kids!

Earlier this month I shared a Thanksgiving word search and some Thanksgiving would you rather questions . Today is another one of my son’s favorites – a Thanksgiving i spy game!

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How to Play

Most activity books have some sort of i Spy game in them. And there are entire books dedicated to i Spy, but they’re typically called Seek and Find books.

The basic idea is that you have to look at an image and find certain things inside of it. For this Thanksgiving i Spy, there are tons of Thanksgiving images all jumbled up and waiting for your kids to find them!

Simply look at the list at the bottom and search the page to find them all! Circle them as you find them to keep track (and not think you found three when in fact you only found two).

Thanksgiving i spy sheet with a magnifying class

When you’ve found all of the items for a particular image, cross it out and move onto the next one!

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Keep going until you’ve found all of the items at the bottom of the page!

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Thanksgiving i spy sheet with the first image crossed out


Laminate the i Spy game and use dry erase markers and find things and cross them out! Wipe it clean when you’re done, put it away with your Thanksgiving things, and bring it out again next year. Or next week!

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Thanksgiving i spy printable