Free Printable Thanksgiving Matching Game

Thanksgiving matching game with text for Pinterest Thanksgiving matching game with text for Pinterest

Looking for fun Thanksgiving activities for kids? This printable Thanksgiving matching game will have them trying to match popular Thanksgiving foods with the ingredients in them!

Printed out Thanksgiving matching game with fall confetti all around

We are always looking for fun Thanksgiving games and Thanksgiving activities for kids in our house! We’ve already done a Thanksgiving word search , Thanksgiving i spy, and even created some Thanksgiving coloring pages .

So when I started trying to come up with some new games for this year, my mind immediately went to matching. And food.

I mean food has to be part of any Thanksgiving activity right?

So this Thanksgiving matching game is centered around food – popular Thanksgiving food like stuffing , brussels sprouts , and even cornbread .

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It’s a Thanksgiving food matching game!

How to Play

One of my favorite things about printable games is that typically all you need is the game printed out and a writing utensil for each player.

This Thanksgiving matching game is no different. The PDF you can download at the bottom of this post has a full-sheet version of the game if you’re just playing with one person or a half-sheet if you’re going to be printing out a bunch for an entire classroom or kids table!

Once everyone has a copy, you can start. The goal is to match the ingredient in the left column to whichever of the Thanksgiving recipes that it would most likely be used in on the right.

Thanksgiving matching game with lines from the left column to right

I specifically say most likely be used in because I know that people make no-yeast rolls, sweet potato casserole with pecans and brown sugar instead of marshmallows, etc. The idea is that it would typically be used in those things.

And I made it a matching game so people saw the options for recipes instead of having to come up with them on their own (like in this Christmas emoji game ). They can be a bit tricky but hopefully with having the options to just match to, kids can do it!


If you can’t come up with the answers, I’ve included an answer sheet with the downloadable PDF at the bottom of this post. You can also find the answers below if you are just curious but don’t want to download the PDF.

  1. Crispy bacon – brussels sprouts
  2. Yeast – rolls
  3. Corn syrup – pecan pie
  4. Canned pumpkin – pumpkin pie
  5. Cornmeal – cornbread
  6. Onion straws – green bean casserole
  7. Cranberries – cranberry sauce
  8. Sharp cheddar cheese – macaroni and cheese
  9. Turkey drippings – gravy
  10. Corn kernels – creamed corn
  11. Day old bread – stuffing
  12. Marshmallows – sweet potatoes

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