12 Best Gifts for Bakers

12 unique gifts for bakers! Tons of ideas for everyone from kids to your best friend! Personalized ideas, DIY ideas, and more!

These gifts for bakers are perfect for both the baker extraordinaire and the beginning baker! With unique gifts for bakers, gifts for the baker who has everything, and even some funny gifts for bakers – this bakers gift guide is sure to have something for the baker on your shopping list!

12 unique gifts for bakers! Tons of ideas for everyone from kids to your best friend! Personalized ideas, DIY ideas, and more!

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There seems to be a theme to the gift guides I’m making this year.

They’re all gifts that match my interests. Gifts for entertainers . Cricut gift ideas . Personalized gifts .

And today’s gift guide – gifts for bakers – continues with that trend! Baking is one of my favorite things to do and yes, I would love all of these gifts!

That just means that all my gift guides are spot on because they’re all gifts that I would want to get! I’m not just coming up with random gift ideas, they’re actual ones that people will love!

Gifts for Bakers

I’ve broken this gift guide up into three different sections of the best gifts for bakers – practical gifts, fun gifts, and gifts for the baker who has everything already.

I figure that way you’ll definitely be able to find gift ideas that work for your person whether they already have all the baking tools they could ever need or maybe it’s a kid who loves to bake and doesn’t have it all.

So let’s get started!

Practical Gifts for Bakers

When I say practical gifts for bakers, I simply mean gifts that they can use to bake. These are still super fun gifts; I tried to find unique gifts for bakers – not just baking dishes.

These are still way more fun than baking dishes, they’re just things they can personally use.

Gourmet flavorings make great gifts for bakers!

Gourmet Flavorings

Anyone who loves to bake needs some gourmet flavorings to add to their baked goods. The best way to do that is with Nielsen-Massey Vanillas! The company’s high-quality vanillas are made using a cold extraction process that preserves more than 300 flavor compounds to deliver the best tasting vanilla around the world.

I can attest to it – we use Nielsen Massey Vanillas for all of our holiday baking whether it’s just for your own enjoyment or baked goods like these ginger molasses cookies to gift to our friends and family!

This holiday season Nielsen-Massey Vanillas is making it even easier to gift your favorite bakers by introducing a Holiday Flavors Bundle on Amazon that includes:

  • Madagascar Bourbon Pure Vanilla Extract – vanilla from Madagascar with a sweet, creamy flavor and velvety under tones. I used it in these pumpkin cheesecake bars , but it could totally be used in any sweet or savory dish that calls for regular vanilla extract.
  • Pure Almond Extract – made with the purest oil of bitter almond, it has a sweet and nutty flavor. It’s one of my personal favorites.
  • Pure Peppermint Extract – made from the finest mint under the strictest quality standards. The fresh peppermint flavor would be a perfect addition to these chocolate peanut butter bites .

The Holiday Flavors Bundle is available in both 2-ounce and 4-ounce sizes, making it the perfect gift for bakers no matter your price range.

I mean how cute is that pure peppermint extract packaging? It just says “Give me as a holiday gift!”

The Holiday Flavors Bundle would also make a great Christmas party favor! Invite your friends over for some homemade baked goods, Christmas party games , and shared holiday memories. Then, send them home with leftover Christmas cookies and the bundle to make their own delicious baked goods at home.

Almost 50% of adults said they’d love to receive homemade baked goods as a gift making baking the perfect excuse to invite friends over and a great way to share memories with your friends and family. No need to plan something elaborate, simply bake and share!

Need more ideas on how to #BaketoShare this holiday season? Check out Nielsen-Massey at NielsenMassey.com or on Facebook , Instagram , Pinterest , or Twitter for delicious baked goods, holiday party guides, and more!

Get the Holiday Flavors Bundle here.

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Custom spatulas make great gifts for bakers

Custom Spatulas

I’m sure your baking friend already has spatulas but do they have custom spatulas that are personalized for them? There are plenty of different saying options to choose from or choose your own.

Because spatulas are way more fun to use when they say World’s Best Baker!

Get the spatulas here.

A pie dish makes one of the best gifts for bakers

Personalized Etched Pie Dish

There are two reasons I love the etched pie dish idea – honestly any personalized etched dish would do. The first is that it’s personalized, which is way more fun than just getting them a pie dish.

And second, it’s actually practical because if they like to bake, they’re likely baking things for other people. Everyone knows how hard it is to figure out whose baking dish is whose when you take something to a potluck.

This makes it easy to know where that delicious striped delight came from and to make sure you get the dish back. And plus, it’s just cute!

Get a personalized etched pie dish here.

Baking stones make great gifts for bakers

Oven Baking Stone

Out of all of the practical items, this is probably the least fun, but stick with me. An oven baking stone is always a good gift because you can never have too many.

From making the best pizza to Christmas cookies , baking stones are my go-to secret weapon for perfect baking. They come in all shapes and sizes but a good round one is always nice.

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Pair it with a baking cookbook or a couple of your favorite recipes for one fun gift idea!

Get an oven baking stone here.

Fun Gifts for Bakers

Okay now it’s time for some more of the fun gifts for bakers! These aren’t necessarily practical gifts to use for baking but more fun things to show that you know they love to bake!

I’ve said it before but gifts are all about intention – intentionally showing someone you know them and care about them! And these are the best gifts for bakers to show them that!

Cute baking shirts make the best gifts for bakers

Bake the World a Better Place Shirt

I just think this shirt is so cute and it acknowledges the power of baked goods to make everything a little better, especially when paired with a printable gift tag like these “you’ve been treated” ones.

Secretly figure out what size your baker would want and order them this shirt to wear proudly as they bake for all the world to see!

You’ll make their day, which in turn will make the world a better place because when bakers are happy (or sad) they bake!

Get the bake the world shirt here.

Dessert dice make one of the most unique gifts for bakers

Foodie Dessert Dice

You all know how much I love games. Board games, scavenger hunt, minute to win it games – you name it. So any time you can combine my two favorite loves of baking and games, I’m in.

These dessert dice aren’t technically a game, but they turn baking into a game. Roll the dice to find the inspiration of what you’re going to make next.

Will it be a coconut cinnamon cobbler or dark chocolate pumpkin cake? No traditional pumpkin cookies here – just fun and unique desserts made with the help of these fun dice.

Get the dessert dice here.

A fun mug makes one of the best Christmas gifts for bakers

Procrastibaking Mug

Any true baker knows that the best form of procrastination is baking. Whether you’re avoiding packing for a trip, getting some work done, or sending an email – procastibaking is a real thing.

This fun gift will have any baker laughing because of how true it really is.

And now I’m off to make some banana pudding cupcakes before I finish this post.

Get the procrastibaking mug here.

Subscription boxes make good gifts for bakers

Bake Eat Love Subscription Box

I’m a huge fan of subscription boxes. I even made my son a monthly adventure box for his Christmas present next year. There’s just something about getting a surprise in the mail every month and not knowing what it’s going to be until you open it that’s fun.

This Bake Eat Love subscription box is one of my favorites because not only does it include everything to make some sort of gourmet treat each month, it also includes some sort of fun baking tool or non-perishable baking item that you get to keep and reuse with all of your other baking needs.

This one would be especially fun for kids who may love to bake but may not be the best at it themselves yet. Or for the avid baker who just likes surprises (like me!).

Get the Bake Eat Love subscription here.

Gifts for the Baker Who Has Everything

Alright, now we’re down to the final section and the nitty gritty. These gifts are all gifts for the baker who has everything. I tried my best to find tools and gifts that even if they have everything, they don’t have these.

I know I don’t, and I have a lot of baking tools.

Silicone spatulas make great gifts for bakers

3 in 1 Silicone Baking Spatula

This isn’t just your traditional spatula. This is a 3-in-1 baking spatula. Three in one meaning that it’s a spatula, scraper, and a scoop all in one handy kitchen tool.

And it’s silicone, which is always a plus for scraping bowls, counters, and bits of burned cookies off the pizza stone.

It’s also very affordable, fits in a stocking, and a perfect addition to a baking gift basket.

Or if you don’t want the 3-in-1, you could always get them one of these blender spatulas instead – they’re great for getting that last bit of batter or dough out of anything!

Get the 3-in-1 baking spatula here.

Cookie dough shapers make fun gifts for bakers

Cookie Dough Shaper

I’ve personally never seen one of these before and thought the idea of shaped cookie dough was just so fun that this cookie dough shaper had to make it on my list!

Give your favorite bakers a way to turn their favorite cookie dough into heart cookies with this fun gift. Perfect for Valentine’s Day, saying I love you, or just saying a heartfelt thanks (with these thank you tags!).

It’s fun, fits great into a stocking, and would make a perfect addition to a baker’s gift basket!

Get the cookie dough shaper here.

A meal mug makes one of the most unique gifts for bakers

A Meal Mug

This twenty ounce blue meal mug is perfect for bakers because it works in the microwave, toaster oven, and even a pre-heated convention oven.

It’s perfect for making mug cakes, mug brownies, and anything else you might bake in a mug. And these days, that’s a lot.

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Get the meal mug here.

An edible gold pen makes one of the best gifts for bakers

Edible Gold Brush Pen

Give your favorite baker a way to elevate their baking with a gift they probably wouldn’t buy themselves but that they’ll love to get and use in their baking.

This gold edible brush pen does just what it sounds like – brushes edible gold onto baked goods. It’d be perfect for some New Year’s Eve goodies, Oscar party treats, or anytime a little gold is in order.

Get the edible gold brush pen here.

More Great Gift Ideas

Don’t forget to pin these gifts for bakers for later!

12 unique gifts for bakers! Tons of ideas for everyone from kids to your best friend! Personalized ideas, DIY ideas, and more!