40 Award Winning Oscar Party Ideas

The best Oscar party food including everything from appetizers to glitzy desserts and drinks!

These Oscar party ideas will help you be the star of the show during this year’s award season! With tons of great Oscar party food ideas, Oscar party games, and more – it’s a collection of e verything you need to host one Oscar worthy evening of fun!

The best Oscar party food including everything from appetizers to glitzy desserts and drinks!

Easy Oscar Party Ideas

I love everything about the Oscars. The gorgeous dresses. The hosts. The surprise of who will win. I love it all.

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So I loved putting together this collection of amazing Oscar party ideas you can use for your next Oscar party!

Oscar Party Food

There are two different ways you can go with Oscar party food – either dishes specifically themed to the movies nominated for the year or just generic Oscar themed food.

2019 Movie Themed Food

If you want specific movie themed food, here are some good recipes to start!

Oscar Themed Food

For generic Oscar themed food, go movie night meets glamour!

Fancy up cheese and crackers by turning them into these cute tuxedo cheese and crackers instead. Or want to serve something a bit more substantial, use this tutorial to make tuxedo hot dogs instead!

Tuxedo cheese makes great Oscar party ideas

Serve up fancy finger foods like these pulled pork sandwiches with a red cabbage slaw or these turkey meatballs on cute star toothpicks .

Pulled pork sliders with red cabbage slaw

Or these spinach artichoke cups are always a bit hit, especially since the cups look kind of like stars! Don’t want spinach artichoke dip, try these taco cups instead!

A cooling rack full of spinach dip cups

Speaking of stars, these star mini pizza pies would go great with the Hollywood star theme and honestly, who doesn’t love pizza?

These mini pizza pies are perfect for anyone who loves Gilmore Girls, pizza, or pie! Your favorite pizza toppings baked into a pie crust makes these almost like a pie version of your favorite pizza rolls. Such an easy pizza pie recipe and I love the Stars Hollow star on top! Definitely adding this to my easy appetizers board!

No movie is complete without popcorn and this glittery black and white popcorn makes a perfect snack for any Oscar party!

Black and white popcorn makes delicious Oscar party food

Don’t forget dessert! Use this Academy Award cookie cutter to make these Oscar trophy cookies – yum!

Oscar cookies make great Oscar party ideas

Or stick with the black and white theme and make an Oreo cake like this one!

An Oreo cake and other oscar party idea

Want to go with a star theme? These walk of fame ready star brownies are a yummy recipe by one of my favorite party planners Amy Atlas. I actually met her and had her sign her book back when I was just starting out!

Oscar star brownies and other Oscar party food

Go with fancy drinks like these strawberry citrus mocktails or this holiday punch served in fancy glasses!

This citrus strawberry mocktail looks amazing, one of the best non-alcoholic summer drinks!

These film reel cupcakes are made with little gold colored licorice and gold glitz added on top. They’re easier to make than they may seem using this tutorial .

Movie themed cupcakes make great Oscar party food

Oscar Party Games and Activities

I know that the Oscars are mostly about watching the Oscars but it’s a party so I couldn’t help but come up with some entertainment of my own.

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Oscar Bingo

My absolute favorite thing to do during the Oscars is a little game of Oscars bingo . Cross off spaces as people are shown, win awards, and more!

You can get the free printable Oscar bingo cards here – all updated with this year’s nominees – and details about how to play here.

This Oscar bingo game is perfect for an Oscar viewing party

Say My Name

Before the party, write out name tags for each actor or actress nominated for a major award. Put the name tags in a bowl (or a plastic popcorn bucket).

When people arrive, have them take a name out of the bucket and put the name tag on for the evening. When a name is said or shown on the screen during the Oscars, whoever has that name has to take it off.

The last person with a name tag on wins a prize.

Free printable Oscar games and voting ballot from playpartyplan.com #party #Oscars #freeprintables

Who Am I Oscars Edition

Using the same name tags I mentioned above (with names of actors/actresses up for major awards), put a name tag on everyone’s back when they walk in.

Guests then have to go up to other people and talk to each other to try and figure out who they are using only yes or no questions.

Since some people don’t necessarily know all of the actors and actresses, make sure to have a printable 2020 Oscar ballot out so they can at least know what movie they are nominated for.

Oscar Trivia

See who knows the history and events from the Oscars best! Test them with this fun printable Oscar trivia game that asks questions about things like the first Academy Awards, the biggest winners, and the biggest losers (La La Land!).

Answered Oscar trivia questions

Behind the Receipt

This game works best if people come over a bit before the Oscars start. Split into teams and give each team a box of props and the task to create short skit using the box of props.

Give out awards for the most creative, best use of props, etc. Get free printable award cards and more instructions on how to play this game here.

Love these fun Oscar party ideas! The out of the box movie party game sounds like so much fun!


Celebrity is one of my most favorite party games for adults . Play three rounds of games trying to guess famous celebrities – in this case Academy Award nominated celebrities – but each round things change a bit – guessing, speaking, and saying one word.

Get full instructions and more details on how to play celebrity here . You could even mix it up and do both movies and actors that are nominated.

Movie ID is one of the most fun adult games

And the Award Goes to…

If you don’t want to go with any actual games, it’s still fun to have people complete an Oscar voting ballot with their guesses on who wins. The person to get the most correct wins a fun prize!

You can get a free printable Oscar ballot card here.

2020 Oscar ballot printable held in a hand

Printable Oscar Party Games

Need more Oscar party game ideas? All of these are just print and play options – my personal favorite!

Oscar Themed Prize Ideas

Make sure to have some fun prizes on hand for the game winners! Any of these would make great prizes for individuals who win. If you’re playing a team game like Behind the Receipt, a bag of gold candy works great!

Oscar Party Decorations

When it comes to Oscar party decorations, there are three things to remember.

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  • Color – black, white, red, and gold are pretty standard colors
  • Texture – just like all of the dresses are different, use different textures and fabrics in your decorations.
  • Glam – It’s the Oscars after all. Figure out what you want to do then add some glitter and glitz to dress things up and make them as fancy as you’d see at the actual Academy Awards.

Other than that, you can never go wrong using movie themed items, stars, or anything that just screams Hollywood. Here are some fun ideas to get you started!

These Oscar envelope folded napkins are an elegant way to spruce up the ordinary napkin! Get the tutorial here.

Envelope napkins make great Oscar party ideas

Don’t leave your other paper goods out! Dress up your cups like these DIY tuxedo cups with just a few little snips of the scissors.

Tuxedo cups and other Oscar party ideas

Use these Oscar cut files to add glam to plates, chairs, tables, favors, and more!

SVG files for Oscar party ideas

You can’t let people leave empty handed! Even if they didn’t win one of the games, send them home with these darling “that’s a wrap” party favors!

Oscar party favors

Or if you want to do something other than treats, these darling the Academy thanks you thank you favors will keep happy even if their favorites didn’t win!

Oscar party favors

Need more ideas? All of these can be setup quickly and last-minute!

More Movie Themed Party Ideas

The best Oscar party food including everything from appetizers to glitzy desserts and drinks!