Free Printable Girls Camp Pillow Treats: Oh the Places You’ll Go

I was blessed with the opportunity to help plan young women’s camp for our stake and specifically to work with the YCLs (16-18 year olds). The young women I worked with are incredible and taught me so much over the past six months. As a thank you for all of their hard work, I wanted to surprise them with nightly treats at camp.

minute to win it games list pdf
15+ girls (or YW) camp pillow treat ideas with free printables from

Our theme was “Oh the places you’ll go” from Dr. Seuss, but these could really be reused for pretty much any theme. Or you could always use these for fun Dr. Seuss Day ideas too!

Sorry for the poor images, these were taken last minute with my phone before I started blogging.

The four handouts I did for the girls were:

  • A YCL survival kit (click on the image below to see everything that went in it) — there are tons of little saying and pillow treat ideas on this post alone!
  • Bottle of lotion with a handout on having a smooth week at camp
  • Sunglasses + scented hand sanitizer with a handout on being watched and being a scent-sational example at camp
  • Pedicure kits in jars to remind the girls to polish their toes-timony (adapted from here)
  • Bag of chips with a little handout reminding the girls to be the first to “chip” in
Cute girl Love this idea as a pillow treat or girl Small bottle of lotion with 10 ways to make girl This YCL survival kit is full of cute ideas for girl

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