DIY Matching Disney Shirts

So far this year I have been to Walt Disney World three times. And one of my favorite things to look at when I’m there is all of the fun matching Disney shirts people come up with.

When I was invited to Disney Social Media Moms Conference back in May, I knew I had to make my own DIY Matching Disney shirts for my family, because well it’s Walt Disney World. And well, I love matching shirts.

And making shirts is one of my favorite things to make with Cricut Explore Air .

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I actually made three different sets of matching shirts, so that we had something to wear every day of the conference. These matching Lion King shirts, however, are my favorite of the bunch. And it’s not just because my little guy is so cute in his roar shirt.

I actually wear my Hakuna Matata shirt pretty much every time I do anything Disney related – Disney cruise , Walt Disney World, watching Disney channel at my house. So yeah, it’s a little bit loved.

And if you don’t want to make shirts for everyone – you can also buy cute matching Lion King shirts here !

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DIY Matching Disney Shirts

Supplies Needed:


Start by cutting your vinyl. This SVG file is already reversed, so really all you need to do is set up your Cricut to cut HTV vinyl and make sure you’re putting the shiny side of the vinyl down onto the mat of the Cricut.

Expressions Vinyl has a great guide on cutting heat transfer vinyl with settings that seem to work right for me every time. Just make sure that you do a kiss cut, where it cuts through the vinyl but not the backing on the back or else it’s a major pain in the butt to iron on.

Once your vinyl is all cut, remove the sticky back and place the words, sticky side down (shiny plastic side up) onto your shirt. Place a towel on top and then iron or EasyPress onto the shirt. These are some great EasyPress tips !

Once the letters are securely ironed on, carefully remove shiny side so that all you have left is the letters on the shirt. These shirts literally took me less than 15 minutes from start to finish and that included my actually designing the shirts, so it should take you even less time!

And like I mentioned before, you could always go mix and match as well! Make the Hakuna Matata shirt, buy this Lion King shirt instead of making one, and you’ll still all match!


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