Free Printable 2020 Oscar Ballot

Free printable 2020 Oscar ballot - perfect for voting for your favorite nominees at this year

Use this 2020 Oscar ballot to vote on which nominees you think will win awards at the 2020 Academy Awards!

Free printable 2020 Oscar ballot

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2020 Oscar Ballot

Two weeks until the biggest night in Hollywood! The night where all the stars get dressed up all fancy and the rest of us tune in on our TVs at home to see who will win Hollywood’s biggest movie awards of the year.

And the night where Marvel (hello Avengers Endgame ) gets shafted yet again. But that’s a different post entirely. At least one of my other favorite movies of the year, Ford vs. Ferrari, made the Best Picture nominee list.

The Ford vs. Ferrari quote I put in my 2019 trivia game is still one of my favorites of the year!

The Academy Awards, or Oscars, is one of the most fun nights of the year if you like movies. And I’ve made it even more fun with a free printable Oscar ballot that you can use to vote on which of your favorites will actually win the awards their nominated for.

Printable 2020 Oscar ballot

The printable Oscar ballot in this post is all updated with nominees for the 2020 Oscars. Note that the ballot does not have every single category on it, but it has the most popular and most anticipated ones like Best Picture, Best Actor/Actress, Supporting Actor/Actress, Best Director, etc.

P.S., congrats to Scarlett Johannson for being nominated for both Best Actress AND Best Supporting Actress. How often does that happen?

If you’d like to see a 2-page ballot with ALL the categories on it, leave me a comment and maybe I’ll make one later this week or for next year’s Academy Awards.

How to Use this Printable Oscar Ballot

There are a number of different things you can do with this Oscar ballot. If you’re looking for Oscar party ideas , having people vote on who they think will win can be a really fun game.

Pick up one of these Oscar bingo prizes for whoever guesses the most correct!

2020 Oscar ballot printable held in a hand

And don’t forget the food. These star mini pizza pies , spinach artichoke cups , and this delicious citrus mocktail all make great Oscar party food!

If you’re not having a party, you can still print out the ballot just to watch with family and/or friends at home. It’s still fun to guess who you think is going to win ahead of time.

Add it to this Oscar trivia game for a really fun night at home watching the awards!

Download the Free 2020 Oscar Ballot

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Other Oscar Party Ideas

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Free printable 2020 Oscar ballot - perfect for voting for your favorite nominees at this year